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Sound problem in Tower3D with SP1 Steam version


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I get an error whenever I try to test speech in settings or a voice is played in game. towerspeakbridge has stopped working, and no sound is played. The game itself does not crash. Had no prior sound problems before SP1 finally arrived. I have US English and UK English language packs from MS installed, running Windows 10. MS David, Hazel, Zira Desktop are the ones listed in the oldschool tts control panel. Susan, Zira, George, Mark mobile are the ones listed in the new Win10 settings menu. The same error happens regardless of voice selected, and settings in game. Have also tried compatibility mode and running as administrator, but no luck.


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6 minutes ago, FeelThere said:

Could you please contact our support? We asked you the same on Steam too. Please use the contact form on our website so we can ask more information (not public) to help you.

Roger that. Couldn't find the form at first, but I'm sending it now.


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Problem solved. Date and time settings were set to European/Norwegian format, which causes conversion errors. So no more 24h clock and DD/MM/YYYY for me when playing. Changing to US date and time formats worked immediately.

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