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FSUIPC4 profile troubles

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I am looking for a little help.  Not sure whether it is because of windows updates or what but I have a couple add-on aircraft that no longer work (worked previous to all of windows 7 updates).  I had profiles built up in FSUIPC4 which did work but now do not work. I am unsure what is going on. I have a profile built for each aircraft I have loaded on my FSX.  When I load the aircraft (Carenado Caravan EX) it shuts down completely and finally when I get it started auto pilot does not work.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled it three time, Deleted the profile in FSX module and started over twice.  I am about to install it and build profile again but will wait for some suggestions.  I was thinking about building a profile for the default FSX Caravan and then copying it over to see if that makes a difference.

Thanks for the help everyone.

Dick H.

FSX Deluxe Edition SP1 and SP2

Win 7 Home Premium SP1

Intel Core i5 CPU 750 @ 2.67 GHz 2.66 GHz


64-bit Operating System



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the only thing that can have changed is maybe the Joystick Guid and any related profile to joystick axes and buttons of e.g. that joystick doesn't work anymore. Programed keys

from a keyboard wouldn't be effected.

Do you have keys programed in profiles they don't work either anymore?

The Joystick Guid will also change when you change the USB port.


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Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the reply. I did program keys from keyboard this last time and they do work OK. I have not changed the USB ports.  I am using saitek pro flight yoke with additional throttle quadrant. The original saitek profile programing quit so I thought i would try FSUIPC4. I built profile for each plane I have. The ones I appear to have problems with are the single engine aircraft. I have throttle1, prop1, and mix1 because it is turbo prop with reverse.  I have gone into the  FSUIPC4.dll and deleted everything that pertains to the Caravan to start over.  I have gone through the instruction a couple times and find new things each time. I can reinstall drivers for the controls but that would include re plugging controls. 

I am going to step away for a day and try again.  I am afraid I am missing something and I am going to recheck deleting profiles.

thank for the help


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Thanks for the reply.  I did get the profile to work. added keyboard keys and some other entries.  I did find why the engine stops when FSX starts up.  For some reason the aircraft starts up with the fuel shut off. When you turn that on manually the aircraft can be started up from cold and dark start.  I am learning as I go by re-reading the instructions and trial and error.  All of my profiles work now so I can do some fine tuning by using slope. 

Thanks so much for the help



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