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FSUIPC4 Profile problems

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I am looking for a little help.  Not sure whether it is because of windows updates or what but I have a couple add-on aircraft that no longer work (worked previous to all of windows 7 updates).  I had profiles built up in FSUIPC4 which did work but now do not work. I am unsure what is going on. I have a profile built for each aircraft I have loaded on my FSX.  When I load the aircraft (Carenado Caravan EX) it shuts down completely and finally when I get it started auto pilot does not work.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled it three time, Deleted the profile in FSX module and started over twice.  I am about to install it and build profile again but will wait for some suggestions.  I was thinking about building a profile for the default FSX Caravan and then copying it over to see if that makes a difference.


Thanks for the help everyone.



Dick H.

FSX Deluxe Edition SP1 and SP2


Win 7 Home Premium SP1


Intel Core i5 CPU 750 @ 2.67 GHz 2.66 GHz




64-bit Operating System

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I am not any kind of FSUIPC guru (or flightsim at general) and I am not very sure I understand your problem correctly (we (mean people around here) would probably need to see some more details from your configuration (like FSUIPC.ini, the aircraft profiles...), but:


auto pilot does not work

Does this mean it behaves incorrectly, or your button assignments does not work? Assuming it is the second case, I had similar issue first time I switched from "everything in FSUIPC.ini" to "separate aircraft profiles in Profiles folder". Found out the generated profiles were missing the [Axes] section and I needed to copy it to these profiles to make it work.

Might be wrong, it is about 2 years ago since I had this issue. Not sure if it is necessary to have [Axes] section in every profile (given the fact that mines are all the same - no different axis assignments for different aircrafts) - this would be question for Pete. I only vaguely remember that when I did not have [Axes] section in aircraft profile, the [Buttons] (button assignment) did not work for the respective profile (which makes sense, because if FSUIPC did not take [Axes] from FSUIPC.ini, it would not know what controller the buttons belongs to)

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I think I found the problem.  Re downloaded the Caravan EX from Carenado. (V.2).  Put GTN 750 mod in and that is where I started having problems. I took the 750 mod out and reconfigured it with the config tool as an add on.  It is working now so just using the gauge 1 & 2 on additional monitor. It worked fine with V.1 so must be something they did in upgrade. Thanks for the help.  I will check FSUIPC.ini for Axes. I am building separate profiles for all my aircraft.  This may be when aircraft fist starts it shuts down.  I may not have all settings in the INI. 

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