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MyTraffic 6 not working in FSX and P3D!

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I have looked over all the posts and tried to follow all the guides, but something is obviously seriously wrong in my install process!

I have previously used MyTraffic 2013, and that worked fine in FSX, but I have just upgraded to P3D and I have just bought the V6, which does not work at all in either FSX or P3D!

The 1st thing that I have noticed is that I do not seem to be getting the correct opening screen (I get what appears to be the old MyTraffic 2013 screen), and the traffic builder does not execute!

I am guessing that there is some hidden registry entries from my previous MyTraffic 2013 install, which is pulling up a mixed up configurator screen?

I really would appreciate any guidance!

I keep on coming back to the same conclusion as to why the traffic builder does not initiate?

Something is preventing it from running?

I have set the correct paths for both FSX and P3D, which does show in the configurator screen, which I find unusual! The old MyTraffic 2103 did not have the option for P3D!

So? I obviously have a very messed up configuration screen and setup!

I have done an uninstall of the 2013 version, but something seems to be preventing the traffic builder from initiating?

Any ideas anyone?



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Got it working fine in both FSX and P3D! I do not know how or why though! I did a complete uninstall and reinstall, only configured FSX 1st in the configurator and tested it, and it loaded aircraft fine this time! Massive frame rate hit though! With MyTraffic 2013 I was getting around 25fps at my default location and aircraft, but now I only get 10fps! Same settings as before. Lowering the traffic density down from 25% to 20% did give me an extra 3-5 fps, but 15fps is too low to actually go flying!

I then configured P3D in the configurator. No traffic showing, but I did eventually find the scenery library tab within the P3D drop down menu and added MyTraffic 6 to it. Traffic showed up fine, with very little effect on frame rates!

Strange why MyTraffic 6 has such a big impact on frame rates within FSX, but not in P3D!



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Hi Burkhard.

I suddenly realised that I am running the PMDG777 in FSX, but running the QW757 in P3D (way too expensive to pay again for the P3D version of the PMDG777 (what a rip off eh!)). So I installed the QW 757 into FSX to do a proper comparison. With all the exact settings in both FSX and P3D, with the same windows open and same traffic, I get 18fps in FSX and 30fps in P3D. VAS usage also drops from 2,600 in FSX, to 2,200 in P3D.

Indeed, it is strange that you have massive performance problems with P3D! From all the posts I have read about P3D, nearly everyone has noticed a performance increase with P3D over FSX! In my particular case I get an extra 10fps with P3D, and I use less VAS also with P3D! It is not only the extra fps though! I notice also that the graphics in P3D are a LOT smoother! The spot view in FSX always had micro stutters (and no amount of tweaks ever really had any effect), but in P3D it is silky smooth!

Are you using V3 of P3D?

I have actually only just installed P3D, so I am not a "seasoned" user of P3D. I have done no tweaks at all though, because everyone says that tweaks are not required any more for V3 of P3D! It just worked fine "straight out of the box", with no "tweaking" necessary! I am at the experimental stage of P3D, trying it out! I had to buy V6 of MyTraffic, because the 2013 version was not compatible with P3D.

You may be asking why I wanted to move from FSX? The huge impact on frame rates with MyTraffic V6 in FSX was one reason for trying P3D! The micro stutters on the spot view, and the high VAS usage were another reason! I had "stretched" FSX as far as it could go and it was struggling!

Just for your info, I have an i7 3770K overclocked to 4.7, 2 X GTX 970, 2 X SSD, 4 monitors (which I run in full screen, not spanning). FSX on fairly minimal settings was struggling! I did try Steve's DX10 fixer, but it was totally incompatible with my set up and would not work at all! I only run FSX/P3D, MyTraffic, REX soft clouds on the server. I do have my system networked and run ActiveSky Next, FsCommander, PF3, FsCaptain, FsBuild and TOPCAT on the client laptop! That offloads a lot of server CPU usage!

Anyway, to summarise. On my system/set up P3D is (so far) way better than FSX! Smoother graphics, more frames, lower VAS usage (which is what an awful lot of other people say). Why P3D has problems on your system, I have no idea! I did gain quite a few fps in P3D by only adjusting the supersampling from the default 8X to 4X? That is the only adjustment I have made to the P3D install.

And finally. I have noticed that a lot of people have complained about a massive drop in frame rates with V6 of MyTraffic, so I am not alone in this! Good info for you though, so you can maybe look at why I lost 15fps by ONLY installing V6 of MyTraffic in FSX! I literally did not change anything at all in my FSX. Only installed V6 of MyTraffic as an "upgrade" to the 2013 version!






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Hi Burkhard.

I spoke too soon that MyTraffic V6 was working in P3D! It is not! In FSX I get lots of traffic showing, but in P3D I only actually have 2 of the exact same small aircraft sitting next to mine, but no other traffic at the airport (Heathrow!).

I followed your guide to the letter, adding the scenery.cfg line, and disabling the default AI, and adding the scenery "MyTraffic" to the scenery file, but I get no AI at Heathrow!

Help would be appreciated!



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Hi Burkhard.

I am getting really wound up now about this!

I have tried ALL the guides I can find on here but I cannot get any traffic to show up in P3D!

I do not know if this means anything to you but I will describe exactly what I have come across and done.

1st, the download from simmarket does show 6.0a, but I did not have the "manage.dll" showing in the communicator, until I downloaded and installed the 6.0a patch! But I still do not have any traffic showing in P3D after adding that! I did edit the world scenery file to off also, but that then even lost the 2 aircraft that were sitting beside mine (default P3D aircraft?).

I really have tried everything that has been posted, but I cannot get any traffic to show up in P3D.

FSX works fine, albeit the big frame rate hit!

Please try and guide me!

I have paid good money for something that I cannot get working, and spent many hours of my valuable time trying everything!




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Hi Burkhard.

After many hours of trawling the guides I finally found the error!

The path in the simobjects.cfg file was wrong! It was showing Path=C:\MyTraffic\Aircraft. I changed it to Path=C:\MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic\Aircraft and I now get loads of aircraft! I did turn off the P3D default aircraft also, as per the guides.

BTW, now that I do actually have traffic in P3D there is no difference in fps and VAS between FSX and P3D with identical settings. Both are more or less the same with 25-30fps and 2400 VAS used, with FSX maybe just winning by a tiny bit! Scrolling the spot view though in P3D is a lot smoother!

Apologies for my previous rant in my last post!



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Hi Burkhard.

Actually, P3D turned into a nightmare and I have given up on it and gone back to FSX!

I had just bought 2 X GTX 970 cards to replace my 2 X GTX 650 cards, and wanted to try P3D out! One immediate problem that I came across was that I found out that my 650W power supply was not man enough and the computer would shut down very soon after take off. I have now bought an 850W power supply. I then bought the P3D version of the PMDG777, which did not run at all well in P3D, on my system! FPS and VAS usage was horrendous, compared with FSX, and I got micro stutters and popping clouds! I spent days trying every setting I could possible make, but it made no difference. I even tried SLi, which seemed to make things slightly worse! I also found that PF3 and FSCaptain were not "talking" very well with P3D! My X52 Pro was also having a problem (the toggle button assigned to G (gear up/down) would switch the main window view as well as retracting the gear, and the toggle for F7 (flaps up) did nothing), despite updating to the P3D drivers for it.

In desperation, I actually then removed the 2nd graphics card and connected my 4 monitors onto just the one card (2 X DVI + 1 X HDMI + 1 X DP-DVI). Previously, I had been running the 4 monitors on 2 X DVI connections per card. I noticed an immediate improvement in fps and less vas usage, but in FSX only! P3D still stayed the same! I am bemused why I get better performance using only 1 graphics card? Possibly because the one card will be running at X16 PCIe instead of 2 cards running at X8? Anyway, it was a very expensive experiment (having to buy the P3D version of the PMDG777, and a new power supply), and the wasted money for the 2nd graphics card! At least I have spares now! LOL!

Of course, I do still have P3D installed and may try it again when LM bring out any more updates.

Reading other posts on other forums, it seems that quite a few other people are having problems with P3D V3?

Anyway, it is back to FSX for me!



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Traffic 6 does work well in latest P3d, but there is a specialized and exact way to install it. Here is how:

How to install mytraffic 6 in P3D V3 (updated)

you need these tools:
Scenery Config Editor https://sourceforge.net/projects/fs-sceditor
MTXU60a.zip patch for MyTraffic 6 http://www.fsrail.com/MTXU60a.zip

first install My Traffic 6 to C (Primary boot Hard Drive)

copy patch MTXU60a.exe to c:\MyTraffic Professional\ (root) and install using "run as administrator"

search MyTraffic_Communicator.exe and open with administrator then

Localize MyTraffic first to your local p3d installation, then

rename and disable trafficAircraft.bgl (default traffic)
c:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3d v3\Scenery\World\scenery

unhide Open and edit with notepad - c:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3d v3\simobjects.cfg and add the following entry

[Entry.12] (note:Next number not being used)
Path=c:\MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic\Aircraft
TITLE=My Traffic

To fix the "TrafficDataBasebuilder not yet copied!" error in the MyTraffic_Communicator DO this -

First go to "C:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3 SDK\Environment SDK\Traffic Toolbox SDK"  Folder

right click on "TrafficDatabaseBuilder.exe" and choose copy

Then go to C:\MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic  And Paste

Then right click on "MyTraffic_Communicator.exe" file and choose "run as administrator"

Notice it now says "TrafficDatabase Found" in green now.  Now close the communicator

Now add mytraffic 6 to the P3d Scenery as follows:

Install the scenery editor you downloaded in the first steps Note (run as administrator)

Now run the scenery editor (as adminitrator)
Go to Edit and then Preferences - Click on "Prepar3D v3 Directory" button

Ensure the "Flight Simulator Directory" Box at the top has the correct path for your simulator, and the "scenery file location" box points to C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3

Within the Scenery Config Editor - CLick on "Add Area" Button and browse to C:\MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic to add that path

Add "My Traffic" to the Title box, then click on ok

Within the Scenery Config Editor raise the My Traffic scenery to just below your Scenery airport in your current flight. Save and Exit Editor

Start P3d -  in Options - set scenery settings to 30% or less. I am doing fine at 10%

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