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I was wondering if there is a push and hold command in Tower! 2011, or is there a way for me to add it. I tried creating taxiways in the airport editor and to tell them to hold short of it but it is extremely annoying to be constantly doing it over and over. Also, I was wondering if I could assign international only gates for an airline in the airport editor. Sorry for being a noob, but I would really appreciate it if I can solve this issue.

Thanks in advance,


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You can't add new customized commands. The manual is very detailed on all the commands available, so if it is not there now you're out of luck. Personally, I don't use the hold short of taxiway often so I can't relate to your "over and over" issue.

Here's a link to a recent topic on gate assignments: http://forum.simflight.com/topic/80112-assigned-parking-for-planes/

Gate assignments are by airline, so assigning just international flights of an airline is pretty tough. Here's how I tweaked things at DFW. International flights at DFW are handled out of terminal D. For international only carriers it was easy to assign them to specific gates, But what about American? What I did was create a new airline that was a clone of AAL in the airlines.txt file (I think I used ICAO code AAI and IATA code AL). I then went into the schedule.txt file and changed the international flights from AA to a AL. Then after making the appropriate gate changes using the airport editor and updating the terminal.txt file I was good to go. 

For an airport where there are multiple airlines that fly both international and domestic this would be a lot of work and probably not worth it.  But for DFW, this was a relatively easy tweak which helped add some realism to the taxiing/parking (which can be slow - the game has to think a lot sometimes before the planes will start taxiing). 




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