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Unable to enter data in FSC 9.6.7 (solved)

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After updating to 9.6 ver 7, I can no longer enter a route in FSC. When typing it will not respond although it appears to affect P3D v3.3 by changing views. I have FSC on one Monitor and run P3D on another. I had no problems in the past. When I shut down P3D I can enter data without problems however that is obviously useless. I suspect I am or have done something wrong and would appreciate any idea that might fix this problem.

Thank you.


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Hi Volker,

 Sorry for not providing details. 

  1. My Sim is P3D v3.3
  2. FSUIPC Version 4.948 e  (Registered)
  3. No Network
  4. FSC and Database Manager both are 9.6 Rev7 Net - Build: May 20, 2016
  5. This is new to me. I use FSC for flight plans 
  6. Download version from your website
  7. Operating system is Windows 10
  8. I use 3 Monitors. The main one (Phillips 4K  40") for the flight sim) the other two for FSC, Vpilot etc

A really curious thing happened. I reloaded my Database Manager for the second time and after that finished, I activated FS Commander and now the problem I had has disappeared. However the following notice came up during that process. "File not found or no access. Search for folder file C:Program Files (86) Lockheed Martin\Prepare3D\V3\Scenery|world\Scenery  in the FSCDBM_FS Log File! I continued and all sems to work.   The VR in the path - C:Program Files (86) Lockheed Martin\Prepare3D\V3\Scenery|world\Scenery - is not available in my system. I do have the following seperate from the previous path - C:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3Scenery\BASE\Scenery - that refers to a single BGL file "timezone.bgl" 

I hope that can be corrected. 

Thank you for your help.





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Another problem came to light. While trying to get FS Commander to load I received the following notice;

Databases for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 missing or incomplete!

Please choose different FS version or run database manager first.

What could have caused that?


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Hi Rolf,

Have you read the document Vista and Windows users please 7_8_10 read.pdf before installation? ...read here...
If the P3D installation was carried out according to the recommendations?
If the FSUIPC4 installed as administrator?
( btw. the current version of the FSUIPC4 = 4.955c )

If the FlightSim Commander installed as administrator?
If the FSC run as administrator?



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Just a note to let you know that I reinstalled FS Commander following the instructions and all is well. I also updated FSUIPC to the latest version.

Many thanks for your help. It is much appreciated.


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