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What is this data? SPD CMD


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13 hours ago, mllgrennman said:

where is it generated from?

when the FMC is correctly initialized (outlined in the manual) the speed/alt data is generated for the flightplan.

speed is advisory as the ERJ doesn't have autothrottles.

altitude is based upon the set flight level programmed into the FMC (by you) while programming.  climb and descent assumptions are also based on performance data you select while programming the FMC.

this is outlined in the manual and there are YouTube tutorials with details.

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13 minutes ago, mllgrennman said:

i noticed that climb data refreshes during flight....any theories how an external Co-pilot add-on could interfere with this process?

yes it will refresh the assumptions based on the actually flight.

you need to work with the developer of said 'co-pilot' product to develop such an interface.

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21 hours ago, mllgrennman said:

Interfere, not interface!

doesn't change my answer ... the issue is with 'co-pilot'.  the ERJ wasn't designed to work with P3D nor 'co-pilot'.  P3D didn't exist when the plane was developed; and i'll guess the neither did 'co-pilot' (have no idea what the program is/does).  sorry that i can't help you more.  this is one of the challenges with older software (ERJ released in '09)

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