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Lat & Longs between returned with comma instead of decimal


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We are in the process of beta-testing our new ACARs software and over all it is going very well.

However, I have a very particular case where FSUIPC is returning the current latitude and longitude for one pilot only with commas instead of decimals.

LAT= 47,464698792 instead of 47.464698792

 LONG = 8,5491695404 instead of 8.5491695404

Offset<long> FSUIPCLatitude = new Offset<long>("FSUIPCLatitude", 0x0560); // Offset for Latitude.
Offset<long> FSUIPCLongitude = new Offset<long>("FSUIPCLongitude", 0x0568); // Offset for Longitude.
//Current latitude and longitude from FSUPIC.
stringCurrentLatitude = Convert.ToString(FSUIPCLatitude.Value * 90m / (10001750m * 65536m * 65536m));
doubleCurrentLatitude = Convert.ToDouble(stringCurrentLatitude);
stringCurrentLongitude = Convert.ToString(FSUIPCLongitude.Value * 360m / (65536m * 65536m * 65536m * 65536m));
doubleCurrentLongitude = Convert.ToDouble(stringCurrentLongitude);

Worse case, I could put in some code to replace the comma in the string with a decimal, but I found this very strange especially since only one pilot is experiencing this.

Any ideas on what would cause this?




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that is related to the language setting that is used on that PC. In metric system for decimal a comma is used and the thousand divider a dot.

So in metric one million is written as 1.000.000,00

That means if you have members from e.g. Germany then you need to convert comma into dot.


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