Hi all, This problem is driving me nuts! Installed X56 drivers/software and all was fine. I was able to tinker around with the button/axis assignments using fsuipc with no issues. Now i am sure i havent changed anything drastic (nothing new installed to P3D recently), but now only my EZDOK views work? When i go into FSUIPC and say click on buttons - none and i mean none of my buttons show up?? However in P3D does see them (If i enable stick/throttle again) and all buttons are assignable no issues. The X56 software sees everything ok all buttons and axis are fine - just FSUIPC has kinda stopped seeing my X56? Any idea what can cause that - have i unticked something?? I have uninstalled all drivers and software and reinstalled but fsuipc no joy. I installed fsuipc again (admittedly over the top??) - no joy Does anyone have any idea or help please?? I find fsuipc exceptionally useful and dont want to go back to p3d controlling it if i can...I have never done a fsuipc log etc so if thats needed i will need to read up... Cheers   Adam