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FSUIPC not working with FSX

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I bought Fsuipc so that i could program my overhead panel with a leobodnar card connecting switches and buttons to fsuipc. When i open Fsuipc i go in on buttons&switches, and then when i assign a switch from the overhead panel in Pmdg 737 ngx, it doesnt work... I have tried doing what people on youtube do and what they tell me to do, but they al have told me to contact this forum where I bought it from.(fsuipc/Pete dawson) 

Someone did tell me to make a key assignment. So i used the landinglights and assignd the ctrl+L for it. And then everytime i prest L it whould go on/off. Then used fsuipc again so that when i pressed a button from the leobodnarboard it whould be the same as pressing the L on the keyboard. And it worked! Everytime i pressed the button/switch it turned the landing light on/off. But it only works with the landing lights... It doesnt work on anything else. Not the keyboard and not the switches... What is wrong? Al my saitek equipment workes perfectly fine, but not the keypresses or switches... Pleas help me out with this problem anyone... Thanks

I have:

fsuipc,windows 8,leobodnar board, fsx steam edition. 

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On 8/14/2016 at 6:36 PM, Bennny said:

When i open Fsuipc i go in on buttons&switches, and then when i assign a switch from the overhead panel in Pmdg 737 ngx, it doesnt work

Please give more specific information -- i.e. what you assign to and which options you select.  

You should also realise that the named controls in FSUIPC's list are FS controls, not PMDG ones -- the PMDG 737NGX implements its own system and doesn't use FS controls.

Test switch assignments to FS controls using a default FS aircraft. For PMDG 737NGX you need to assign to <custom control> and enter the PMDG control number which you calculate for their SDK file of type .h



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13 minutes ago, Bennny said:

But where do I switch to "custom control"?

You don't "switch" to it! <custom control> is in the list of assignable controls, right at the top.

14 minutes ago, Bennny said:

And what's a SDK file?

Your PMDG aircraft installs with a folder called SDK or similar. It's a file in there. Sorry, but I don't use PMDG aircraft so I can't help further. Maybe the PMDG forum?

15 minutes ago, Bennny said:

Sorry if these are stupid questions,but I'm not that familiar to Fsuipc... 

PMDG is not related to FSUIPC.



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