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WideFS Connection Problem

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I've struggled for hours trying to get WideFS on a new client. I've dis abled firewalls and UAC on the new client Windows 10 machine and the server. I also copied Wide Client .cfg and .ini files for a second "good" client and shared as much as I can think of. Could someone help in deciphering something from the attached logs?




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10 hours ago, LDP1949 said:

Could someone help in deciphering something from the attached logs?

The important part is this, from the client log:

      593 Attempting to connect now
      593 Trying to locate server: Need details from Server Broadcast
      593 Failed to connect: waiting to try again

The broadcasts from the Server aren't being seen by the Client. This may be because the Workgroup name is not the same in the two PCs. Windows only broadcasts withing a workgroup. Note that Windows 7/8/10  have different default workgroup names to older versions like XP.

You can either correct the workgroup name (mine is universally called "PETES"), or put the server name (or IP address) and the protocol to be used into the Client INI file. Please see the WideFS documentation where all this is explained -- in the section with a red plea to actually read some of it!




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Many thanks Pete. Moments before your post, I amended the Wideclient.ini to include the Server Name per your instructions on page 4 of the Users Guide. This did the trick and I thank you sir for your prompt response. By the way,  I was surprised at your response since I thought you were on holidays until 8/20.

Too bad you did not develop Simconnect for networking.  There are certain products I have not purchased as a result.

Les Parson


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1 hour ago, Pete Dowson said:

SimConnect networks okay, too. Haven't you tried it?



I had it working for a few years before a computer failure forced a reinstall which was unsuccessful. Hours turned into days, days turned into weeks of frustration until I collapsed in total frustration. Maybe I'll give it another shot.

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