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i7 2600 CPU - FSX is getting pauses and some stutter in FSX CD plus Acceleration around most airports.  Generally only fly VFR with Cessna 172 etc. size airplanes.  Currently using the latest MyTraffic Pro 6.0.  Not sure if I installed 6.0a?  I get pauses and stutters both outside and inside the 6 mile bubble? 

My Traffic set at 16x16

no jetways

first tick of airport vehicular traffic

car traffic 3%

Question, I still have the previous iteration of My Traffic Pro?  Although I'm unsure of the install version number.  Will the previous version models and livery provide slightly higher performance for my computer.  Thanks.

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4 hours ago, Burkhard said:

5 second pauses can only mean that you try to load more textures than allowed, the total size of textures FSX can load per second is limited afaik. Maybe reduction of one of the sliders that has to do with textures helps? 

Hello, and thank you. 

I presume you mean volume or amount of texture, or perhaps volume, amount and "size".

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Moving to a much larger HD has made no difference.  The simulator FSXA (DVD) has 1 (one), 5 second pause during a flight, in the vicinity around an airport.  I'm going back and forth between the new Pro and the previous Pro installation via configuration edits.  Reverting to the previous Pro installation for further testing.  I'm currently using 21% Airliner, 31% VFR airplanes but the issue was still there with 16/16.

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Here is my latest report.

I've never had jet ways enabled.

Test flight starting at CA97 (Civilian) and ending at KNTD (Military).  

3 flights with My Traffic 6.

3 flights with My Traffic 5 pro.

All flights with My Traffic 6 stopped the flight in mid-air momentarily, perhaps upwards to 5 seconds.

No pauses or stops with My Traffic 5.

No changes to traffic scheduling or amount.



5 hours later and an experience of a 3 second pause with MT 5 off the coast of Hawaii.  Appears to be an FSX issue, not an MYT issue. However, looks like a choice between 3 second pause or 5-6 second pause.  Very confusing.  

Thanks for your expertise, I think it's a difficult question to answer, unless there is an issue with Military traffic on the West Coast of the USA.

Merry Christmas

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