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Robin Ainscough

Request for descent calculator (answered)

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Many thanks for all the hard work you've put into FS Commander over the years and keeping it updated and specifically working well with P3D.

This is a feature request to add a descent calculator...something that could:

1. Select a point on the map for descent end point

2. Enter a desired altitude at the target end point

3. In the GPS track window, show the needed FPM in real time with an above (yellow) on track (green) or below (red), and/or alternatively show the point of descent (in flight plan) needed to reach desired location and altitude base on the select aircraft specs.

Willing to pay extra for this feature.

Cheers, Rob.

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Hello Rob,

Thanks for the suggestions. I hope it is not misunderstood but I will not carry out the proposals.
The reason for this is our philosophy from the beginning of the programming of the FlightSim Commander.
Our goal was to develop a flight planner with a moving map. Our idea was never to program a flight management system.
Other aircraft addon developers do it much better.

Anyway, I recommend reading the following chapters and / or paragraphs of this manual.
Chapter 12 GPS and moving map, paragraph and The Runway Page
Chapter 12.1 Operating modes, paragraph Arc Distance
Chapter 5.1.3 Editing the flight plan table, paragraph Printing flight plan
Information about Descend to Final Fix are listed here.



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Hi Volker,

Thanks for the response.  I understand the planning aspect and that information is available for "planned" flight so I can do manual calculations and/or use GTN750.  I thought perhaps my suggestion would be a good fit for FSCommander rather than purchasing another product.  FSCommander has all the information it would need to support my request relatively easily and given FSCommander already provides a "Distance measure" tool, I would suggest just an extension of that exiting tool with perhaps some added output in the GPS window all within FSCommander.

I use FSCommander for VFR frequently as it's one of the few tools that is "open" in regards to flight ... my request isn't related to flight management systems (many of the aircraft I fly don't have FMC/FMS).  For example, if I'm flying VFR and decide that I'm not going to make it to my planned destination (weather, fuel, etc.) with an alternate this is good either, or have simulated emergency/problem, or just want to land at a different airport ... descent calculator would come in handy from within FCCommander environment.

Cheers, Rob.


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