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Lights problem with full pack FSX

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I recently purchased the full package and insalled it in FSX-SE

and the strobe lights are now visible from a samll angle, front, the position lights are gone... and the beacon lights are gone too...

How can I fix it?




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Hi, sorry to hear that, but please note the below about what  FScene does:

FScene X Ground Textures replace the defaults and act exactly like the defaults. They consequently will make place for all other add-ons where needed .
    • FScene X does not affect the use of add-ons for aircraft, roads, rivers, traffic, clouds and autogen, since it replaces only the ground textures in Flight Simulator. - FScene X works perfectly with add-on mesh terrain scenery since it replaces the ground textures in Flight Simulator and, just as the default textures will flow to match the ups & downs of the terrain, so will FScene X.
    • FScene X works perfectly with custom airport sceneries - it will only affect the ground outside the perimeter of airports. All the default airports & any custom ones you have installed will appear exactly as intended.
    • FScene X is carefully designed to work with the default autogen in Flight Simulator. It also has the added advantage that its enhanced 3D appearance can give the ground a much more 3D appearance even from altitudes where the autogen is no longer visible.


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Nothing included with FScene can do that. All it does is replace the ground textures with better (more detailed, etc.) ones. It doesn't influence the lighting at all.\

What other mods do you have installed?

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OK I found the problem and wonder why it is as is?

When DiretX 10 was active I had tis problem, when I canceled - it works fine.

and as for FScene X, the ground Scene looks very unreal like Washington DC has little houses? and San Francisco?

DC: 2016-9-30_23-42-16-605.jpg


and little houses around the PENTAGON?



I really think something is wrong...?

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No, the houses are a landclass problem. Has nothing to do with FScene. It's well known btw that the DX10 mode causes some weird texture problems, and not having lights show might well be one of them (haven't tried myself) on some videocards.

As to landclass problems, there are many of them which is why there are several commercial (and for limited areas free as well) products to correct such errors.
http://secure.simmarket.com/fsx-landclass-page-1.chtml Simmarket has several such, I've not used them so don't expect me to even try to judge their quality.
What I do know (from the past, haven't tried their recent products though they are on my list to get) are good are FSGenesis ( http://www.fsgenesis.com/ ).

Basically landclass determines where autogen and ground textures are places. Mesh determines the slope of the terrain (so your terrain might have some errors if the landclass and terrain don't line up properly, like rivers flowing over a slope rather than the river bed just off to the side).

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