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T3D: Problems at KLAX


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I found a couple of problems today at KLAX, when using the easterly runways (06L and 07R) for landing. Aircraft will cross runway 06R without permission if you instruct them to Taxi to terminal before they hold short of 06R. If they hold short of 06R then they will just stay there, even after instructing them to taxi to terminal or continue taxi. Please see screen shots.FFT960 crossing 6R No Perm.jpg 

This is of FFT960 having crossed 06R without permission.

NKS504 stuck holding at 6R.png

This is of NKS504 which held short of 06R but then would not continue when instructed. I had to delete this aircraft.

I have T3D SP2 with Real Traffic SP2 installed and using my own schedule.

Here is the log file when I recreated a similar session with NKS504. game_20161004_2057.log

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I have now tried with the default Real Traffic schedule and the default T3D with the same result. See screenshots.

VOI5926 crossing 6R without clearance (def RT).jpg

This is VOI5926 crossing 06R after being given the instruction to "Taxi to Terminal" before reaching the holding point. It did not hold at the holding point as it should have. This is using RT default. Note the yellow taxi line on the ADIRS.

AMX646 remaining at 06R after clearance (def RT).jpg

This is AMX646 stuck at the hold 06R after being given the instructions to "Taxi to Terminal" and "Continue Taxi" using RT default. Note the lack of the yellow taxi line on the ADIRS.

Faulty jetway at LAX.jpg

The A319, circled in blue, arrived at the gate, after an another aircraft had it left earlier. AMX646 has been assigned the gate in Red (see ADIRS above). Note the position of the jetway for the A319.

DEN24 crossing 06R without clearance.jpg

This is of DEN24 crossing 06R after being given the instruction to "Taxi to Terminal" before reaching the holding point. It crossed without stopping at the hold. This is the default T3D.

VAL2969 stuck at 06R.jpg

This is VAL2969 stuck at 06R holding point after being given clearance.


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Log file at bottom of original post.

Here is a collision on 07L when UAL506 had been given take-off clearance and GLA3033 had been instructed to "Taxi to Terminal" before it got to the hold, to cross 07L. GLA3033 failed to hold before it crossed 07L, hence the collision.

Collision 07L LAX.jpg

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Here are some problems regarding 07L. See screen shots. These are all T3D Sp2 with Real Traffic Sp2 and Real Colour with my own schedule.

ANA6 stuck at 07L.jpg

This is ANA6 stuck at 07L. Instruction to "Taxi to Terminal was given on exiting 07R. It then held at 07L but when given instruction to "Continue Taxi" it would not do so. After several attempts without success I had to delete it.

JAL62 crossing 07L cleared.jpg

This is JAL62, which is behind ANA6 in the previous screenshot. I let this aircraft get to the hold at 07L before giving it the taxi instructions, which it then carried out.

ACA797 stuck at 06R.jpg

This is of AC797, at 06R hold, which was given taxi instructions that it did not carry out after several attempts. Again the aircraft had to be deleted.

JAL62 spinning at the Terminal.jpg

This is of JAL62 spinning in circles at the TBIT Terminal.

There were several other aircraft crossing or getting stuck at 06R or 07L. Here is the Game Log file: Game_Log_20161006_2106.log

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Thank you, we are checking them all. But one note: if the plane comes down from a runway close to a stop gate (pretty much the yellow line) and you give a taxi to terminal instruction it will disregard the first stop line (as it would stop within a few feet anyways) to avoid the need for the notorious "continue taxi" command. 

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