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Tower3D+Real Traffic+Real Color=SWEET!!


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Agreed.  I just finished a nighttime session at KLAX with the new Real Color.  The mouse control makes it possible to turn all the lights out in the room for total immersion.  Having the planes painted in real world liveries, and taxiing around amid all the glowing lights and flashing push-back trucks was a hypnotic and almost surreal experience.   For a while it really felt like I was there.  Pun fully intended :-)   It has been a long wait, but finally this sim is coming into its own.  Now I just need my beloved KATL, and I will be all set. 

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I completely agree. T3D + RT + RC is what I have been waiting for. I am now going to spend far too long at each of the 4 airports in rotation. More airports are eagerly anticipated but not as much as Pro, I hope we don't have to wait too long. If the little niggles in this simulation can be fixed it is going to be awesome!

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I really would like to get my hands on this but purchasing the standard version at this point might not be the best idea when the Pro is around the corner :) I have intentionally all this time been holding off from purchase until the Pro version. Waiting however has become even harder when you see T3D with RT and RC in action. Hope it will not be too long now.


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I really like the standaard version, but what will be the main difference between the standaard T3D version (incl. RT, RC and additional airports) en the T3D Pro version. Only then I will decide to purchase the RT, RC and additional airports. So far no info has been given regarding those differences or added value of the Pro-version even it has been asked before.

Looking forward


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I ended up buying the standard version twice.  Once through Steam and again through the developer (FeelThere).  I must say that I have gotten my $60 worth of entertainment over the last four and a half months, and now with RT and RC and KJFK (another $41 for the three) I am hoping the PRO version will be delayed so I can at least finish 24 hours of controlling time at least a couple of the airports.  I have already ran through 24 hours of all three airports three times, once for the Steam version, then for the developer version with SP1, then for the Real Traffic addon.  I am currently going through the RT and RC with all three standard airports, then move on to KJFK.

By the time the PRO version comes out, hopefully I will have enough controlling hours that I will have hurdled any learning curve (challenges) that the PRO version may possess.
I think of the standard version as a stepping stone to the PRO version, any experience I can achieve will make the PRO version less frustrating.

Your mileage may vary,

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Thank you so much for trusting us with your wallet. We are pretty sad about the situation on Steam, this was not planned this way and we are doing everything that is possible to make it a better experience for users on Steam. For the record PRO will be released on Steam directly by us and not through a publisher so SteamPRO users will receive all patches, etc at the very same time as ATCSuite and Feelthere.com customers.
I cannot give any guarantee as at this point we are not exactly sure how Steam works and what are the possibilities but we will be working our arses off to make sure there will be no such a situation for Pro.

Once again, thank you very much


Vic & Co 

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