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T3D KJFK alignment issue


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42 minutes ago, futureboy said:

It may be me, but could you import the screenshot into something like MSPaint and maybe highlight/circle in red what you are referring to? It may clarify what you mean by "different taxiway layout".


I have circled in red where you can see three entry points to runway 31L but on the ADIRS there is only one.



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11 minutes ago, renhoef said:

I had the same problem, and uninstalled everything and did a fresh install of tower3D version2a, KJFK, RT and RC, and everything is fine now...:-)





So, with a fresh install you have in a Adirs the 2 Taxiways  (JA,JB) for 31L?...Well i try immediately....

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5 minutes ago, stuch17 said:

Maybe I understood, i have tower_3D_2, and now I have now discovered that it is out of version 2a!

Perhaps this is the problem? however, download the version 2a, cancel everything and reinstall everything ...

Yes, I forgot to say that I also had version 2.....I redownloaded Tower3d to get the 2a version and reinstalled everything.

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All is now fixed with the  new install except terminal 8, still has the air bridge floating away from the terminal causing some aircraft to over hang the taxi way, it doesn't affect game  play so not so much of an issue.



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