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Problem at KLAX


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Hieveryone, this is my first post. I'd like to say Tower3D is an excellent sim. I remember pouchasing the first Tower program around 10 years ago or more when you had the choiuce of 5 airports. How things have progressed in time. After readeing on the forum in the last day or 2 I unistalled everything & re-downloaded all the programs I've purchased for Tower3D as I'd read servive pack 3 was available & Vic had suggested unistalling before re-installing the new SP. For the first time I thought I'd have a go at KLAX. I installed the new SP3 of the main programme followed by Real traffic & Real Colour for all the airports. I started the sim at 00.00 & at some point within the first couple of hours I had CPA97 appear, but it appeared twice with 2 departure strips, the only difference was aircraft type. One was 744/H & the other was 748/H. When I ordered them both to taxi to 25R only one of the planes moved which appeared to be the 744/.H. The other CPA97 sttrip stayed & the only way to get rid of it was to remove plane. Sorry for not being able to give you an exact time but IIRC it after an hour or 2 of gameplay.

Once again superb sim & hopefully there'll be a UK airport in the future as I live in the UK.

Many Thanks


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Further to the above post at 0904 ABW597 from KLAX to KORD appears twice, one being 748/H & the other being 744/H. Despite them appearing twice in different locations on the ground radar screen only one aircarfts appears to do anything.

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I've found another issue with the Nyerges Real Traffic at KLAX. At 0917 ETH504 requests permission to land on runway 24R. However on giving permission to land it is then denied due to the runway being too short. Having no option to change the runway to 25R I told the aircraft to go around & contact departure. Despite the aircraft disappearing off the air radar, I then switched views a few minutes later to clear NKS630 to take off from runway 24L only to see ETH504 coming into land on runway 24R with wheel down, but the plane carried on in this view all the way along the runway & not showing on any radar screen. When you click on the arrivval strip you get the options of 'TAXI TO', 'CONTINUE TAXI', or 'HOLD POSITION' with the actual aircrat moving over the sea. 

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Further to my earlier post regarding ABW597 on restart of the simulation this time the ABW597 with the 748/H aircraft this time it taxied to runway 25R & took off as directed but the plane went off runway 25R & continued into the distance without appearing on the air radar screen & wasn't able to contact departure as that option never came up. However instead of removing the ABW597 plane which was the 744/H I decided to direct that aircraft to runway 25R. This time the plane taxied out to runway 25R(this plane displaying ABW livery of blue & white). Then ETH504 appeared twice. The plane marked as 788/H to land on runway 24R which is too short I decided to click on the strip marked as 77L/H on runway 25R, but the acknowledgement rick appears on the aircraft shown to land on runway 24R. At 09.17 ETH504 requests permission to land on runway 24L [788/H] immeadiately followed by amother ETH504 requesting permission to land on runway 25R [77L/H]. However tick only appears on the 1st arrival strip. Both planes that appear to be wrong appear without any livery schemes & once you delete those 2 aircraft the other aircraft of the same flight number then behaves properly & the tick then appears on the strip when you then request taxi or clear to land.

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The flight numbers impacted are:

AA 216,26,182,215,27,183

AC 791,792

AM 19,647

AV 85

CX 96,97

DY 7087,7088

ET 504,505

JL 60,69

KE 213

KZ 110,109

LA 600,601

RU 597

VS 7,8,23,24

It would seem that when the 748 and 788 were added to the schedule the older 744 and 77L entries were not overwritten, so there are duplicates.

Personally, all I have done is go through the schedule and add // in front of the redundant flights.


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Some duplicate flight numbers were inadvertently included with the Tower3D schedules.  The simplest solution is to identify the flights and then edit the schedule by changing the flight numbers.  This situation should be corrected in future schedules.

Here is a schedule that should be duplicate-free.  It needs to be renamed "klax_schedule.txt" before adding to Tower3D.


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