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TRACON Custom Sector SID Question

Ty Jackson

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I have created a few different sectors for TRACON using the Airspace Editor. All of my sectors work with no problem. All runways have multiple SIDs to use for departure, however only one sector is ever used for a particular runway. Even the ultimate direction of flight has no effect on the SID. For example, at CLT if a flight is departing CLT for BOS, the flight will use the SID that directs the flight to the west. Even after saying "resume own navigation" the aircraft will still complete the SID until the terminating fix then turn toward the direction of the destination. I have a number of airways and tried to edit some of the SIDs, but nothing has worked. It simply seems like each runway has its own SID. 

P.S. Every runway has a SID, and each runway has multiple SIDs available for use (in the parameters box). This seems to happen at all of my sectors. Does anyone know what the issue is.


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SIDs and STARs are defined in the sidstar_cfg.txt file in the Tracon!2012\Databases folder.

I created a DFW tracon (D10) and have separate config files for north and south flow. So depending on the flow I'm simulating, I'll copy the appropriate file and rename it to sidstar_cfg.txt. 

If there is no route for CLT to BOS (KCLT:KBOS) in the config file, I'm not sure how the sim decides what SID to use.



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Yep, it took a "little" work. Based on the schedule file for airports in the appropriate sector, I came up with all the unique routes and then used FlightAware's IFR Route Analyzer to help me determine the appropriate SID or STAR for each route (yes, one by one). Time consuming, but if you want reality I don't know of a better way. I'm curious if anyone has done this and if there is a better way.

Regarding creating/updating the file itself - I'm pretty sure I just started from scratch. If I recall correctly I used Excel to help streamline a few things and then eventually copied what I needed into the config test file.


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