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Super traffic boardnot views not working on FSX Steam


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Good evening 

I recently installed Super Traffic Board and have Steam FSX with JustFlight Traffic X installed.
The aircraft so up on the status board list but when I click the aircraft to view AI it either shows me the incorrect AI traffic or a different view of my aircraft. 
The same occurred when I used just the default aircraft with Justflight uninstalled.

I then looked on the forums and found an updates and installed that getting this error:


The view AI camera could not be deployed for the reason stated below.  Until this is resolved, the View AI command will not be available.

Unable to locate the Flight Simulator X Camera Configuration file:


and then this message when I closed the app.

STB has detected both regular Microsoft FSX (MS-FSX) and FSX Steam Edition (FSX-SE) on this computer (side by side).  

I never have had FSX Boxed installed on this PC, though. However steam created an FSX-SE app rather then a FSX Ap, and I've cleaned rebooted and reset my registry keys and reinstalled everything and continue to get the same errors.


In the settings it does state: Flight Simulator X was not found on this computer.

Is there any fix for this?


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Having just moved over to FSX Steam and Ultimate Traffic Live, I now have the same problems as Tonycoolbek

1) I only have FSX Steam - all old FSX programs have been de-installed and registers cleaned yet STB still thinks I have the old and new programs.

2) Unable to locate the Flight Simulator X Camera Configuration file: so where can I find the Camera files and how to make this known to STB?

Therefore my questions are - how was these resolved back in 2016



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Who knows if it ever was resolved, not sure I heard back from the original customer.

1) I don't understand this stateement.  What are the old and new programs?  What do you see in STB that has lead you to this observation?

2) Your exact error message please?  The camera.cfg is in the FSX application data folder.  If STB is not looking in the "right" place for this, it's possible there's still problems with your registry.

3) What version of STB is involved?



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My thanks for such a speedy reply.

My 'old' Flight Simulator consisted of
FSX (Boxed) + Acceleration
STB v3...

All now uninstalled and registry cleared.

Current new environment

FSX Steam
UT Live ver
STB v 3.6.2018.20200 (Omega +)

The error screens are attached

A strange msg at the bottom right of the screen dump states UT2 was not found - not surprising as it has been uninstalled.

I am assuming that because STB cannot find FSX then trying to view any aircraft just does not work.

Any help really would be appreciated


STB - FSX not found.PNG

STB multiple FSX & FSX Steam founf.PNG

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