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FSUIPC not working with all buttons and switches in the ngx! PLEAS HELP ME!!!

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So i have used months and months on trying to fix this but have never come to the part where it has acturly worked. I have bought FSUIPC and i was hoping it would work with the pmdg 737 ngx. (Asigning switches with a Leo Bodnar) to FSUIPC so that it will work in the sim) FSUIPC on my computer workes so that i can asign the Saitek throttle, rudder pedals and yoke but not the Leo Bodnar card. Its strange. If i forexample use the red big button on my yoke and program it in FSUIPC on parking brake it works. So then when i go in the cockpit on fsx and in real life press the red button on the yoke,  i can see the parking brake move in the cockpit in fsx. But if i forexample use the same red button on the yoke for Logo light or taxi light or APU etc... i then go in the cockpit, press the red button on the yoke and nothing happens in fsx. Why is this. Basic things as aileron elevator throttle brakes etc workes but not lights, pax, APU, air conditions etc.... Mostly (Overheadpanel).... I have removed everything from my computer. Deleting absoulutley everything to do with fsx from my computer, then re- installed everything and i still have the same problem. 

So i got hold of Prosim737 to see if it would work. And for some reason when i assignd a switch with the Leo Bodnar it worked! Or i assignd the button for logo lights and when i went in the cockpit and switched the switch in real life the brakes started going on every time i held the switch on. So something worked. But again.... Prosim737 i have been told workes through FSUIPC... I am so struggeling with this problem and really need help. I would absoulutly LOVE if someone could do skype or something so that you can see my screens and see for your self exactly what the problem is... Or just here or email. Up to you, But i really do need help some how. 

Feel free to ask me anything :))


Info: Windows 8.1  -  FSX:SE  -  Prosim737  -  FSUIPC  -  Leo Bodnar...

...Benjamin B...

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