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Automated Flight with Stock 747 if you are curious...


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Since I have ALWAYS received outstanding support from this site and Pete Dowson himself, I thought I would share my recent work, which I started about 3 weeks ago.

I just now (after 20 years of FSX), have begun to explore the use of FSUIPC with LUA scripting to control flights, without a joystick.  WOW!

No guarantees, just have fun if you love math and scripting challenges...

If you are not already an expert and/or are curious, have fun with automated scripting using LUA and FSUIPC for unattended or long flights.

FSUIPC has logging functions you can turn on to debug script if needed.

Also, set FSUIPC misc setting to "center elev on A/P disconnect". ( I had plane dive when I turned off A/P at 175') without this setting...

Scripts  could be used for any flight, and altitude, but you may have to accordingly.

Use at your own risk or curiosity.  Make sure to READ the comments at the top of the script BEFORE proceeding !


Here is my OneDrive Link to the script: &nbsp

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Very interesting and impressive -- and congratulations on mastering Lua more than I ever did (it is still an alien language to me! ;-) ).

1 hour ago, Fltbuff7197 said:

FSUIPC has logging functions you can turn on to debug script if needed.

Actually the ipc.log function will send the text to the log no matter what options you use in the FSUIPC logging tab. If the Log lua separately is enabled they go to a log file named after the pluhg-in,but otherwise they merge into the normal FSUIPC4.LOG.

I usually have a "debug=false" line at the top of the script, with the ipc.log lines being made dependent upon it being true.



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