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Trouble Connecting after Win10 install for Client

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First I want to say thanks for your program.  I have been using it for about 5 years with my sim starting with FSX and now P3D - it has been a great help with all my a/c addon control settings.  This week I got a new laptop but it is Win10 where before my client was on Win7 and so is my Sim computer.  FSUIPC and WideClient had both been working all that time with Win7.  Now that the client is on Win10 I have not been able to get them to connect.   I had a network tech set up my network to share files from my Win7 Sim with my Win10 client.  I can open and write to folders on my Sim machine from the laptop client.   But right now it is on network connections not the home group setup. 

My questions are about the impact of Win10 and connection of FSUIPC and WideClient.  Does Win10 require any special settings or sharing?   Does it specifically require the Homegroup to be set up and working?  I have searched this forum for info and didn't find anything specific to this issue as far as I could tell.  I referred back to the install manual and it talks about the homegroup so hence my question about specifically needing it or just network sharing.  To confirm my sharing I was just able to open the P3D Modules folder and copy the FSUIPC4.ini file from my laptop client over the network.

Anything you can point me to would be greatly appreciated so I can get my setup connecting again.  I can send you any files that would help with this but I did look at the Wideclient log and the last line is - 22515 Trying to locate server: Need details from Server Broadcast.   The last line of the Wideserver.dll log is - Broadcasting service every 1000 mSecs.


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I went back to the manual again and found I was missing a line per Pete's instructions.  Here is what I used and it is working now.  :)

Protocol=TCP    -(Missing line)

Thanks for getting me going in the right direction.


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