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VRInsight 737 OVHD and Virtual Serial Port

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Hi -  I have used my VRInsight 737 flawlessly with the iFly 737 but  I am just wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to access the buttons on the VRInsight 737 OVHD with FSUIPC (FSX Steam Edition/Windows 10) so I can use it with other aircraft.  I have followed the Appendix to the FSUIPC User Guide on VRInsight Panels. MY 737 OVHD was on Com5.  I have the Eterlogic Virtual Serial Port software and made a device pair of Com8, Com9 and I run that on PC startup.  I have put the appropriate entries in my FSUIPC ini file

1=COM5, COM9

 When I launch the VRInsight software my OVHD now shows as on Com 9  But I cannot get further than that.  I launch fsx-se, select a flight then open the VRInsight software.There are only four options in the VRInsight 737 OVHD dropdown to launch the panel.  One each for the Ifly and the PMDG 737.  Selecting those  causes a file not found error (Not surprising as I don't have them installed on this PC.) The remaining options  option are 737 OVHD Test and PMDG 777 Test.  I have tried selecting those in turn but nothing shows up in FSUIPC when I flick a switch on the Overhead.  I have just about reached the conclusion that because the 737 OVHD seems to need a specific .dll  module to interface with specific FSX aircraft am not going to be able to access its buttons through FSUIPC...unless anyone knows to the contrary.

Rich Cooke

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I'm afraid FSUIPC only supports directly those VRI devices available to me at the time. As far as I know that covered all of their original serial port (COM) based devices.

I don't know anything about their Overhead. I thought it had its own drivers, because there was never any further communication to me from VRI on new devices. I also thought it was a straightforward USB device, not a COM port one like the ones FSUIPC supports.

If they've provided only support for the main two 737 add-ons for an overhead which is so obviously dedicated to the 737, I must say I don't blame them. Much of the 737 type overhead really isn't applicable to other aircraft.

Maybe the LINDA add-on supports this device? If not, I'm sure you could program your own Lua plug-in for it, as it will almost certainly be a standard HID device.



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