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Dear Folks,


I will be quiet until Thursday, I have a few things I need to take care (before the release ;) ). It has nothing to do with the release (more of a personal thing) and will not delay T!3D :) It's just a heads up to let you know we are still on schedule I just need to be on the road a bit more than usual :)



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Well I thought I would have a look at Voice Recognition while I'm waiting for Pro,  After setting up for the English US and going through the speech software I thought if I opened Wordpro and started  with only the commands for Pro being 26 callsigns plus may be 26 runway headings, and about 20 or more other commands there is no need for the software recognition to know any thing apart from these commands,so at the moment I have spent about 2 hours speaking and changing incorrect words with the grand total of 3 commands. I can hear you say SPEAK UP then or words of the kind. This is undoubtedly  going to be the most frustrating time ever. So my new attack on this is to start at San Diego with just the one runway.  The amount of commands for initial taxiway heading with a few commands for takeoff hopefully I can get going with the minimum of commands and so only choose the required commands needed for software recognition. What do you think? 

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