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Need clarification on "take next [right left] command


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Please clarify how this command is intended to work in the sim.  So far I am using only the button commands, not voice.

1. Should I expect the pilot to verbally acknowledge the command or not?  So far, pilots do not verbally respond to it at all (so far I have only controlled at KLAX so have not tested other airports).

2. May I issue it to an aircraft still in the air, or only after the plane is fully on the ground?  The option becomes available on short final.

3. How does it differ from the "hold short of taxiway" command that also becomes available on final?

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It needs to be assigned before (any time before) the pilot decides which taxiway it will use for the exit (it's roughly at the time of the touchdown). You can ask the pilot to vacate the runway in the asked taxiway into the desired direction.
The hold short of taxiway command will ask the pilot to stop on the runway (if possible) before the named taxiway (for example for crossing runway takeoffs or landings).



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In the sim, is it intended that the pilot should respond verbally to this command, or not?  Just trying to verify that it is functioning as intended, and that the command was accepted.  Currently, when I issue this command (via mouse button), the dialogue disappears and the "take next" option simply disappears from the screen.  The pilot does not confirm that he understood or will comply with the instruction.

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Would love to, but as with the original Tower3D, I have never been able to get the .bat file to run on my machine.  For now, I am just trying to establish how the sim is intended to respond to this command.  On your machines, does the pilot respond verbally to the "turn next right/left command?"

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