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Is it possible to set-up 2 joysticks via FSUIPC

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I wa wondering if I can set-up 2 different joysticks for my FSX & P3D.

What I mean by that is I have a CH yoke that I want to use on my Boeing Aircraft's, and I have a joystick that I would like to use when I fly Airbus.

Can I do that via FSUIPC? I have my registered version. I am concerned if there will be a conflict.

Would I need to connect only one at the time or they both can be connected, and just use one of them.



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As well as using Profiles for automatically selecting one or the other according to the aircraft loaded, you can also leave them both connected and assigned all the time.  Folks with both Captain and First Officer controls do this.  If they are both assigned in FSUIPC, then the input with the biggest diversion from "centred" will be the control invoked at that time. 

If you do this it is best to have a well defined central "null" zone so that no input is given from either when hands are off both. Also, don't disconnect either at all, as then its driver can send spurious values, usually at one extreme or the other.



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