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Is there a list of callsigns, Its mainly to start speaking as the first command is Callsign, pushback approved expect runway, The callsign for some are on the manual but not all,The first callsign I have is KAT so it isn't Kilo Alpha Tango, on the voice it sounds like Killer1234 so until I know the callsigns its being hard going, any help would be much appreciated.

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If you have Real Traffic, look in the FeelThere / Tower3!D Pro / Extensions / Airfields folder, then in each individual airfield folder is the same file with a slightly different name, e.g. kphl_airlines.txt, or klax_airlines.txt etc.  The data is from Nyerges but is woefully out of date so I have edited my own files, including the terminal and schedule files, to bring my Tower as up to date as possible. The Nyerges lists are not in alphabetical order which doesn't help much.

If you don't have Real Traffic I can't help much other than a steer to the online manual which lists 15 ficticious airlines, but it seems from your post that you already know that.

If I was to make a guess I'd hazard that you are in the tower at TIST, seeing KAP, and hearing Cair which is the callsign for Cape Air and their fleet of Cessnas.

I hope I've helped rather than wasted your time or made things worse!

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The "History Window" always displays the callsign when the plane first appears:command_panel.thumb.JPG.aae5c9ef2cc742cf3fb86660dc1b6086.JPG

And the manual has a list of the default callsigns:
TAB, LESLIE, Trans American, United States
FRT, FIELD AIR, Feelthere International Airlines, United States


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