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2nd DBRITE window resolution


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As requested, I am beginning a new topic for this issue.  See below the screenshot of the 2nd monitor DBRITE window next to the ADIRS window,a nd notice how much more degraded the DBRITE is, especially in comparison to the default DBRITE window on the 3D screen.58b700f7cec94_2017-03-0112_08_46-Greenshot.thumb.jpg.f0cf9bfc9a5c4dca8d8e19c86cc466f4.jpg

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Have you noticed that the STRIP when on a second monitor doesn't show the details of Depart and Arrivals.   On the main screen the STRIP allows you to  choose  either both Arrivals and Departures or just one. Im unable to show the Strip because I dont know how to take a screenshot of the second monitor.

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Of course, the the simplest solution for the whole thing is just to stretch the 3D screen across both monitors and then place strips on one side, and DBRITE/ADIRS on the other.  Not sure yet which approach takes a bigger hit on performance, but I am betting it is the latter.  Nevertheless, I figured it was worth pointing out since being able to undock the windows is an intended feature.

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