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On 20-3-2017 at 5:49 PM, Avwriter said:

 That is, at KSAN if I have a Delta or American flight landing on 27, then I will have the plane go to the last or next to last exit so that it does not conflict with other ground traffic heading to the other end of the runway.

Can you get the ac to exit at b9 or b10 because I don't seem to be able to get them any further than b8... Even if I say B9 the program will fill in B8 in the command line as if it doesn't know any more exits after B8 and simply selects the last one... Niner in callsigns is understood perfectly well by the sr so that's not it...

Do you give the command verbally or do you type(select)??



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5 hours ago, winsaudi said:

I can get aircraft to exit or B9 or B10 but I have to give that command before the 'landed +10 pts" pop up otherwise the exit 'chosen by the the pilot" is locked in.

Exactly.  After I give the "Cleared to Land" I type in the command "exit at taxiway B10"
Although this is one of the commands that are not repeated by the pilot. It is kind of a "I sure hope the pilot heard what I said about exiting at taxiway B10"


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One thing I do notice is when the pilots reply back to complicated instructions with multiple taxiway, they sound like they are saying a bunch of jibbarish, if I tell them to taxi via B or something simple, then they reply back in understandable language. Anyone else experience this? 

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On 3/3/2017 at 9:09 PM, ttjager said:

Another sadistic thing to do is switch to runway 9.  This is fairly rare at SAN, but it does happen.  It was done several times recently with all the heavy rains we had.  Because of tall buildings on short final to 27, the runway is only served by a localizer and GPS approach.  There is not ILS to 27 (no glideslope, so higher minimum descent altitudes).  Runway 9 has a CAT-I ILS approach.  So, when the weather goes below 27 approach minimums, they switch to the ILS 9.  This also occurs during visual approaches when we have strong Santana winds from the east.


The problem is many airliners at gross weight cannot take-off with a balanced field on runway 9 and still meet the ODP minimum climb.  So, they depart on runway 27 with arrivals using runway 9!!!!  That’s a load of fun for you.  Of course, in real life the tower coordinates with SOCAL TRACON to create large holes in the arrival stream, so they can launch the opposite direction departures.  Give that a try and see if you need a drink!




Listening to KSAN tower this morning and they are running 9 arrivals and 27 departures (due to visibility I think - the arrivals were "breaking out at minimums"). Just had a wave of 27 departures go out, now it's time for the wave of 9 arrivals (most appear to exiting at B4 with a few needing to exit at C3), and then it looks like it will be departure time again (referenced as a "conga line" by tower). Actually what was supposed to be the last arrival (AAL1763) just had to do a go around - never saw the runway. Interesting stuff!  

I'll definitely be trying this next KSAN session.

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