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Tower!3D pro or 2011?


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Okay, I'll bite.  In a word, YES.  Pro surpasses it in nearly every way.  The only advantages of Tower2011 are that is currently has more add-on airports available (but this will change over time), and it probably runs better on lower-end computers.  T3DPRO has very few bugs, and offers all of the features of Tower2011 and quite a bit more.  For once, voice recognition works beautifully.  For years, I had an aversion to using voice recog based games, because they just did not work very well for me, because frankly they seemed like more trouble than they were worth.  I would put a lot of time into training ti, and then I would still find myself repeating commands over and over.  It tired it with Pro, and after about ten minutes of training, and a few more minutes getting used to how the game wants the call signs stated (numbers must be spoken one by one; eg. DAL2423 is Delta TWO FOUR TWO THREE- saying twenty four twenty three messes it up almost every time), it works perfectly with almost no errors.  You will also love the new ADIRS screen that shows all the names of the taxiways.

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Agreed - definitely Pro over 2011. The new commands, parallel approaches, and new ADIRS are big winners.

My only concern is performance. I'm just not getting the stunning 3D graphics and non-jerky game play I was hoping/expecting.

My specs are Intel i7 (dual core), 2.60GHz, 12GB RAM, Windows 10, GEForce 840M (8GB memory, 2GB dedicated). So, it is possible the optimal Pro machine has a better processor and/or graphics card. 

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In all honesty I like the update but I prefer the command input of Tower 2011. It seemed more intuitive. E.g. Before, you would say taxi to runway 25L but now it's simply runway 25L. I generally like to micromanage the flights so I will send them to the runway, ask them to line up and wait then give clearance for take off. In Tower 3D I have to say the runway before each command : "XXX runway 25L, line up and wait" then "XXX runway 25L, cleared for take off". In Tower 2011, you could just give the command "line up and wait" or "cleared for take off" without having to restate the runway each time. A minor niggle. Same for landing. You have to say "Runway 25R, cleared to land" even though you issued the "Enter Final" clearance to that runway a couple of minutes ago.

Also, aircraft hold short of runways without having to issue that specific command. Maybe that happens in real life but I'm just used to the old way of Tower 2011 where aircraft continue their taxi unless instructed. 

These are my personal observations and new players to Tower!3D won't even notice them but I just liked the feeling of squeezing departures and arrivals close together and being able to issue truncated commands added to that ability. Maybe the devs could make a few changes and offer options to issuing commands. :)

I hardly look at the airport view of Tower2011 or 3D view of Tower!3D so to me issuance of commands is the major deciding factor.

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In real life(FAA), It's a must to say the runway for take off and landing or anything that has to do with the runway. Actually it's a little more than that - ''Skyhawk 639M, Wind 120 at 5, runway 25L cleared for take off.'' The runway is the magic word! So, I think that's a big positive improvement over 2011.


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