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P3D freeze with JeeHell B46 and FSUIPC

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Hello Pete, hello forum,  

i have ask my Problems in different Forums without a answere, so i will ask here also.  After three months without any problems, since last week my P3D get into a freeze, when i go to a submenue of P3D. after a change i will come back, P3D stops with a black screen ! When i close the starte.exe and the JeeHell Software is closed, then the P3D comes back and i can change anything without problems!  When i go to AddOns FSUIPC i can see only to the startupscreen, change to Buttons or to the other cards will not work, only freeze. The same is when i bring P3D to the taskbar!
n the past i have updatet and installed some airports and other things, but when i go back, my problem is still there!  I use P3D V3.4 in the last version, FSUIP 4.964f, Win10 64Bit with all updates, the JeeHell B46 software and ASC 16.

i have attached my fsuipc.log
Any idea what that can trigger that?  The Simconnect.xml?

Regards Pete

regards Peter


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Hallo Thomas,

okay i will close my P3D to complete the Log File!

The Starter.exe is the starting file for the JeeHell A320 FMGS Freeware Software ( i changed from Projectmagenta to this), in the Starter.ini you can select wich programms will be startet with the starter.exe (Logic, sound, AP/FBW and so on!).

Every File wich is in starter.in is set to Admin rights.

Yes, i have the latets NVidia dricer for my gtx 970!

Are you the Thomas how make software for PM?

Grüßle Peter


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Hallo Thomas,

dann war ich ein Kunde von Dir! Wie geht es dir auf der Grünen Insel?

Ich glaube beides, habe heute nachmittag nochmal ein paar Softwaren installiert und dann deinstalliert und im Moment geht es wieder!

Berichte morgen weiter!

Grüßle  Peter

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