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Correctly installing Real Color Bundle for Steam edition of Tower!3D


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4 hours ago, minipanda said:

so what  pack do i buy :)  real world schedule  i want  it

Must buy = Real Traffic.  This gives you the schedule, and more importantly many many many realistic aircraft models instead of the half dozen or so that come with the base game.

Pick and choose = Real Color.  The RC packs are designed to fit the schedules for specific individual airports.  However, the liveries in any one pack carry over to the other airports, so that it is not strictly necessary to buy the RC for each airport in the game in order to have real liveries at each airport.  Let me give you an example.  If you buy RC for KLAX, you will get liveries for all of the flights on the schedule for that airport.  This will include a bunch of liveries for airlines like Delta, American, Southwest, and United, as well as some less frequent visitors such as Quantas, Lufthansa, KLM, etc which may only have a couple of flights in there per day.  

Now let's say that after installing RC for KLAX, that you start a session for KPHL.  At KPHL, you will notice that even though you do not have the RC pack for that airport, you will still see some planes in Delta and United liveries, and may even see a Lufthansa A340 if you happen to start at the right time.  However, you will also see some planes with blank liveries from carriers like Air Wisconsin which do not serve KLAX.  You may also notice that the Delta 717s will be painted in Delta liveries, but that the Delta MD-80s are blank; this is because the included schedule for KLAX does not include any Delta MD-80s, although KPHL does.  Thus, if having a few blank liveries does not bother you, then you can settle for just buying the pack for KLAX.  However, if the blank planes bother you, then you will need to pony up for the KPHL pack as well.   In general, I personally find that buying the packs for a couple or three of the major airports, like KLAX and KJFK will cover the vast majority of aircraft you will see at the smaller airports like KPHL and KSAN.  A white plane may show up every once in a while, but that is not so unrealistic either.  After all, white painted airplanes are used in the real world for numerous reasons (prisoner transport, some other government flights, even some aircraft that are being leased to another airline temporarily; such planes are seen at most major airports periodically.  In the end, it's up to you.  Hope this helps.

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52 minutes ago, minipanda said:

Thank you so much, one more question.  i have the pro version does real traffic for 9.99 on the site. does it still give you the more realistic aircraft models or does the pro version already have all of it? :D

No the Pro version does NOT already have the extra aircraft and schedule built in.  If you run it without Real Traffic, then you will see fake airlines and about half a dozen aircraft types.  In that regard, it is the same as the standard version of Tower3D.  All add-ons, including the traffic add-ons, are compatible with both versions.  What sets Pro apart are the features (voice, complex commands, multiplayer, control over lights, switching runways during a session, wind, etc).  I know all this may seem a bit counter-intuitive, but the developers are following the structure that was established with Tower2011.   By the way, when buying the Real Traffic and Real Color, BE CAREFUL to buy the ones that are listed as "3D".  There are products with identical names being sold for Tower2011, and which are NOT compatible with Tower3D/T3D Pro.

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There is no need/reason to install them to your desktop.

1. You must first install the Real Traffic add-on.  The texture packs will not work without it.  Just run the RT installer, and point it to the root directory of your T3DPro installation (FeelThere/Tower3DPro). 

2. Installing RT will automatically create a new folder in your Pro directory called "Extensions".  Inside this folder will be two more folders called "Airfields" and "Airplanes".  In the "Airfields" folder, you will see sub-folders for each airport, i.e. KLAX, KPHL etc.  

3. The texture packs for each airport must be installed individually.  As an example, for KLAX, run the installer for that pack, and point it to FeelThere/Tower3DPro/Extensions/Airfields/KLAX.  Repeat this for each additional texture pack that you bought.  That's it.  You are done.

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