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KJFK Update - latest news

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5 hours ago, winsaudi said:

Hi guys,

Could you kindly give an update on the progress of the KJFK SP for Pro?


Last I heard was that the main change in the KJFK update was that they would lower the the height of the tower.  Personally I am not in such a rush for that.  While I recognize that it would be more realistic, but I kind of like it the way it is now; it's fun to be able to see the planes moving around way over in the American terminal.  The bigger question is whether they have begun beta testing the next add-on.  See, I am even exercising restraint by not calling it by name :-)

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Avwriter, I am with you on this. I really like the higher view. Maybe it could be offered on a future update. I also await more add-ons. They are what keep the game fresh and interesting. It is easy to criticize when someone else is doing the work but if I am not mistaken, the last new airport was KSAN which came out before Thanksgiving.

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1 hour ago, GKibby said:

It is easy to criticize when someone else is doing the work but if I am not mistaken, the last new airport was KSAN which came out before Thanksgiving.

Then there was that little side project FeelThere was working on that they released in the end of February :)


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I don't know if it on the update list but there have been several taxiway name changes around the 4L-31L intersection area. Part of which has seen the demise of the dreaded KK taxiway. It is now KE.  Also some changes around 22R with taxiway E and EE has been added.

It would be good if these changes could be added to the update, but I understand that there has to be a cut off point somewhere otherwise the update would never be finalised.

If it can't make this update then can it be put on the list for a subsequent update, if any

Kev M


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3 hours ago, FeelThere said:

DEar Folks,

As far as I know we released the lower view for the tower at KJFK. Please confirm. If so then likely that will be the last update for KJFK for now.

I have just re-downloaded from BMTMicro; within the zip file is "KJFK_for_Tower3D_Pro_SP1.exe", is that the latest version (with the shorter tower)?

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2 hours ago, crbascott said:

The referenced topic is very confusing.  It talks about SP1 for KJFK, KSAN and Tower!3DPro.  Of which KSAN had the problem with the sinking landing gear, KJFK had the problem with simulating displaced thresholds and I do believe Tower!3DPro had nothing to do with either of these anomalies.

As far as the original topic of this discussion. It is hard to tell whether or not the tower view for KJFK has been lowered. If it was you can still see the American terminal and aircraft, which is a good thing. I would assume that the tower view would be a part of the KJFK SP1 release which was March 1, 2017 and not the Tower!3DPro SP1a release which was released twice that dreaded Friday, March 24, 2017.  Who in their right mind releases new software at 4:00 PM EST on a Friday. I'll never know :)


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Now this isn't going to surprise anyone at all because it has often been asked for on this forum ....

FeelThere can we please please please please please have a Sticky that lists the latest versions of T3D, Pro, and all the add-ons?

This Sticky would stop us all re-downloading install files 'just in case' there has been an update, it would be an easy way to announce the availability of new/updated files and it would stop threads like this one which I started last week and hasn't really been answered. Also, with each install package could we please please please have a text file listing the changes.

Did I say 'please' enough?


Thank you.

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Yes, you were right; KJFK has the tall tower view. We already made a change for it but it (my fault) didn't make the patch. We will fix it after the SP for the non pro version which will eliminate the need of two versions for each airports.

Thank you



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