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FSX-SE, FSUIPC and a Co-Pilot?

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I am looking for a way to setup a friend as a Co-Pilot in my FSX-SE airplane.

This means, two independent Computers with their own Controllers, able to fly one Airplane in a multi-player environment.  As if I were instructing from the right seat, with the ability to grab the controls and prevent us from dying.

Any idea if FSUIPC and/or it's other associated modules can accomplish this?

Please Advise,

Chuck Tinker
PAY7212, PAY7599, PAY7788
Pacific Airways. LAX Hub

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1 hour ago, Chuck Tinker said:

Any idea if FSUIPC and/or it's other associated modules can accomplish this?

No,, not really, not without lots of programming. But isn't that the shared cockpit facility built into FSX and, I presume, P3D? I seem to remember such a thing demonstrated by Microsoft at one of the conferences launching FSX way back in 2005/6. 

Or was I dreaming? I really had little interest in it so never followed it up.

It might be a good idea to ask in the FSX forum over on AVSIM, re-phrased of course. Maybe it wasn't even carried over into FSX-SE, because Steam have a different idea of muliplayer etc, so ask about FSX first. Or maybe you need to move to P3D.



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Long time user and definite ameture in using FSUIPC.  Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

With that out of the way, If FSX can do it, It's buried deep in the program.  No web search resulted in even a how to.
I'll keep digging.

Thanks again,


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You don't need any third party software. This is doable in the FSX Multiplayer, nothing hidden about it. I don't remeber exactly what the UI says when hosting, it's been a few years and I've switched to P3D but I've done it in FSX with a friend, no problem. You can be in the same aircraft and just push a button to transfer control to the other player.

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