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Plane with Fsuipc Client DLL refuel


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I want to fill the standard aircraft in the FSX and P3D with a small VB tool. A value is to be written into a text field and transferred as gallons into the simulator.

The necessary functions and declarations, I have not found in the client Dll.
How exactly do I get the tanks filled?
I am grateful for every note. Of course also for VB code examples.

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The fuel tanks are accessed through the PayloadServices module.

Here is an example of setting the level of the centre-main tank with a level typed into a text box:

    Private Sub LoadFuel()
        ' Connection must already be open
        Dim ps As PayloadServices = FSUIPCConnection.PayloadServices
        Dim requestedFuel As Double
        ' Turn the text into a number
        If Double.TryParse(Me.txtFuelGallons.Text, requestedFuel) Then
            ' set the level on the centre main tank
            ps.FuelTanks(FSFuelTanks.Centre_Main).LevelUSGallons = requestedFuel
            ' sent new levels to the sim
            ' Not a number in the text box
        End If
    End Sub

To work with a different tank, just change the value of the FSFuelTanks enum. For example:


All possible fuel tanks are included in the FsFuelTanks enumeration. The popup menu will show you all tanks when you type . after FSFuelTanks.

Each fuel tank must be processed separately. You can't specify a level for all tanks globally. If you want your user to be able to enter a level of fuel for all tanks then your program will need to split the fuel across all the available tanks, keeping the aircraft as balanced as possible.

To find out which tanks are available on the aircraft you can test the capacity. If the capacity is 0 then this fuel tank does not exist on the loaded aircraft.


        If ps.FuelTanks(FSFuelTanks.Centre_Main).CapacityUSGallons = 0 Then
            ' This aircraft has no centre fuel tank.
        End If



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Hello Paul,
If I use this code I always get an error message


Private Sub Timer1_Tick(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Timer1.Tick

        Dim ps As PayloadServices = FSUIPCConnection.PayloadServices

        If ps.FuelTanks(FSFuelTanks.Centre_Main).CapacityUSGallons = 0 Then
            CheckBox6.Checked = True
        End If

        Label3.Text = ps.FuelTanks(FSFuelTanks.Centre_Main).LevelUSGallons & " Gal"

        If ps.FuelTanks(FSFuelTanks.Centre_2).CapacityUSGallons = 0 Then
            CheckBox7.Checked = True
        End If

        If ps.FuelTanks(FSFuelTanks.Centre_3).CapacityUSGallons = 0 Then
            CheckBox8.Checked = True
        End If

        If ps.FuelTanks(FSFuelTanks.Left_Aux).CapacityUSGallons = 0 Then
            CheckBox11.Checked = True
        End If

        If ps.FuelTanks(FSFuelTanks.Left_Main).CapacityUSGallons = 0 Then
            CheckBox10.Checked = True
        End If

        If ps.FuelTanks(FSFuelTanks.Left_Tip).CapacityUSGallons = 0 Then
            CheckBox9.Checked = True
        End If

        If ps.FuelTanks(FSFuelTanks.Right_Aux).CapacityUSGallons = 0 Then
            CheckBox13.Checked = True
        End If
        If ps.FuelTanks(FSFuelTanks.Right_Main).CapacityUSGallons = 0 Then
            CheckBox12.Checked = True
        End If
        If ps.FuelTanks(FSFuelTanks.Right_Tip).CapacityUSGallons = 0 Then
            CheckBox3.Checked = True
        End If

        If My.Settings.NoPanel = 1 Then
        End If

        Label2.Text = aircraftType.Value

    End Sub


Screenshot 2017-04-28 14.40.47.png

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