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Tower!3D Pro video showcasing voice recogntion


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Before purchasing Tower!3D Pro, I scoured the internet looking for videos showcasing the voice recognition and literally found none.  So, I decided to post a short series - few hours worth of continuous controlling of traffic at KLAX split into several videos.  So here it is, for anyone interested.  The voice recognition and expanded commands REALLY add to the immersion.  I was pretty much sold on Tower!3D Pro when it was initially announced but to be able to see it like this would have sealed it.  So for anyone on the fence about whether or not to snap it up, check it out!  Happy controlling!  (And no, I don't work for feelThere!  Lol  Just a VERY satisfied customer.  :)



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Hey Methos,

Experienced the same thing looking for gameplay videos, recorded a couple of hours last week but hadn't put them up yet :-)

KLAX video 1 & KLAX video 2


Found a few interesting ones without voice commands though

Tower!3D at KLAX, Tower!3D at KPHL

A beginner going through the Tutorial with Tower!3D at TIST, then getting overwhelmed with Tower!3D Pro at KPHL

Another beginner but this time with Tower!3D Pro Steam Version at TIST including voice commands. Has some interesting bits that the non-Steam version doesn't, like the medals and Controlled Hours time in the Statistics, as well as a FPS counter at the top left corner. Also has some good advice to watch the command window to make sure the command matches what you said, then later ignores own advice and can't figure out why some things aren't working right. :-)



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Fun videos to watch, maybe I should give it a try.....

Commentary in Dutch so as to interest people overhere to try this simulation for themselves..

May I ask what software you are using  for capture Daniel?? Looks like it captures both screens or did you make two recordings and then combined them afterwards?? I can't get OBS to record both my monitors at the same time..



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You're not going to like the answer... I used OBS :-)

Relatively crappy CPU and video card, barely has enough headroom to run the game and capture @ 15 FPS.

Two monitors at different resolutions: 1440x900, 1680x1050. Base canvas of 3120x990, the 990 is 1050 pixels - 60 pixels to account for the size of the menu bar on main monitor.

Tower!3D Pro running in windowed mode, OBS with 2 Window Capture sources (not Display Capture), one for Main, one for ADIRS, then the usual audio sources.



P.S. Ask Methos about commentary, he's a hell of a lot better than I am ;-)

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Duhhh, when you said "base canvas" it dawned that OBS doesn't look at individual monitors but at a workplace to use...

I was looking for a way to tell OBS to record my second monitor but couldn't find any reference to different monitors....

Set the canvas to 3840x1200 and voila: one bigass picture ;)

It now looks like crap when showing it in 1080p ofcourse with everything being squished into the middle of the screen with huge black bars on top and bottom but I guess I'll have to find a reasonable size to reduce it to before saving to youtube..

I reduced it to 1080p but that completely screws up the ratios making it look ridiculous so that will be trail and error I guess..

Now all I have to find out is how to properly record audio, I have two tracks initialised, one recording desktop audio and one doing microphone but there is always one of them that isn't recorded at all or at a reallyreallyreally low volume in spite of setting the levels high enough...

Really weird but I'll figure it out eventually

Thanks for putting me on the right track Daniel



Ohh, my commentary: I was just contacted by the CIA if they could use my voice to scare all terrorists into hiding so maybe I'll have to think twice before publishing ;-))

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