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Tower3DPro Correct Multiplayer Firewall Port


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The game and the manual have conflicting port numbers that needs to be open/forwarded when starting a multiplayer server.

The documentation lists two different ports, 21112 and 22222 and the game lists one port 21112.

The correct port to open/forward for the multiplayer server is 22222.  The client (connecting machine) does not need to open/forward any ports.

In addition you should have these two firewall rules:
Name     Profile Enable Action Override Program                                                                           LocalAddress RemoteAddress Protocol LocalPort RemotePort AuthorizedUsers AuthorizedComputers AuthorizedLocalPrinciples LocalUserOwner ApplicationPackage
tower3d All        Yes       Allow    No        C:\program files (x86)\feelthere\tower!3d pro\tower3d.exe    Any                     Any               UDP      Any           Any                                             Any                     Any                                Any                                    Any                      Any    

tower3d All        Yes       Allow    No        C:\program files (x86)\feelthere\tower!3d pro\tower3d.exe    Any                      Any               TCP      Any            Any                                           Any                     Any                                Any                                    Any                       Any  

If you have the Steam version, you program path may be  C:\program files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\tower 3d pro\tower3d.exe



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Friend and myself are trying to play multiplayer together. I tried using both ports 21112 and port 22222 for my partner to connect. Neither of these when forwarded (router + windows firewall) yielded a successful connection. 


We then tried Hamachi...


Hamachi allowed a successful connection to be made, however each time the game would get "stuck" on a loading percentage number. We each tried hosting to no avail. Thoughts? Help.



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2 minutes ago, Jacob Huber said:

how do I enable port 22222 or 21112 on my router.  I do not have any control over it

If you don't have admin rights then you''re out of luck.

That leaves you with three options:

  1. See if someone with admin rights can make the necessary changes
  2. Use Hamachi or other software that doesn't require port forwarding and hope you can find someone else willing to do the same
  3. Resign yourself to the fact that you'll need someone else to host if you want to play a multiplayer session 

2 and 3 are probably the most realistic options and there are plenty of folks in both groups on Tower_MP.

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1 minute ago, crbascott said:

21112 is the only port needed. 

When T3D Pro was released it used port 22222 but that was “quickly” changed to 21112 when advised that port was also used by some “not-so-nice” programs. 

Thanks for the clarification - I assumed as much as never really had any issues connecting except when my net was messed up.

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On ‎2‎/‎23‎/‎2019 at 9:51 AM, EliGrim said:

thanks I understand now I have Hamachi and its fully working I just need someone to play with to test it out :)

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VPN will encrypt the traffic from your PC to the destination, your ISP can see the traffic but unless they have the encryption key they don't know what you are doing as its encrypted out of your PC before hitting their network.  Depending on the VPN they wont even know where it is going as the packet has to be unlocked at the VPN host and then forwarded to its destination. 

Very handy for "being" somewhere else in the world to watch content that is free for someone in that country, download games from different server options (Steam location restrictions), keep what you do private and away from anyone snooping.  If you do heavy banking or financial work and you don't want anyone eye balling it or something it can be handy.   Some country's block access to various sites or applications so VPN'ing into another country opens up those applications or ports.  Some of it can be for the tin foil association but it has it's purposes.  

I can either remote into my home PC and be on my network if my PC is on, or I can VPN into my NAS / Server and "be" on my network from the device by having my NAS / Server be a vpn host and other than some latency it is as though I am sitting at home on my network.

Outside of the obvious acquisition of data through questionable legality it has a lot of purposes for people in various situations and needs.  

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