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I am having a great time controlling and the KSNA Tower is my new home :) I just have to understand one thing. If RWY 27 is used it is kind of critical that you can assign landing aircraft to exit at either B9 or B10 to get a good flow for all the departing aircraft to avoid conflicts with those taxiing in to the apron. I guess everyone understands what I mean if you have tried controlling there :)

Anyway, on to my question. I can not for the life of me get the speech engine to understand me saying "B9". B10, B8 and everything else works life magic in Tower3D Pro but B9, why?? :) I guess I can use B10 or B8 but sometimes I cant have aircraft taxi all the way to B10 becasue of landing traffic behind and B8 might not be an option either due to the traffic conflict it will result in with departures. Any help in how to say B9 correctly would be much appreciated?




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Well what a result I'm not the only one who is unable to get Bravo 9 speech command at KSAN, well that is up to yesterday when I managed to find an answer by saying in the most american accent saying Bravo niner as 1 word and rolling the r at the end of niner. Fortunately an arriving aircraft is available  from the start which gives me a few minutes of trying different accents to obtain the desired effect, I see that Mikced76 isnt American so for us EU controllers it is a bit of trial and error. Best of luck.

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Wishful thinking about KSNA :) meant naturally KSAN. While Avwriter has his KATL favorite I have had mine KSNA for a long long time and have spoken about it in several posts previously. Fortunately for Avwriter (and his alikes) :) KATL will be a reality soon, KSNA probably not so much. Well still in my opinion SNA is the perfect airport for Tower3D. Not to big, not too small and the perfect mix of traffic. So ok enough rant from me about SNA :)

Still cant get B9 to work at SAN despite the suggestions. Well just happy all other commands work great even though Im not from the states. So I guess I have to live with the B9 problem.

Now if only the speedtrees could be optional or at least not sway like there is no tomorrow even at windstill the world would be a better place, well perhaps not but still.. :)



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