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Dear Folks,

The SP2 for T!3D Pro is released and is available on the same download link you received during purchase. Also as we promised it is available on Steam at the same time (now).

Here are the list of fixes:
-the most important thing is we found a way to further optimize and you should see some considerably better performance (fps)
-the readback (and handling heading) for numbers under 100 had some problem so it's fixed now
-pink menu for DX9. It should be fixed
-GA traffic now will arrive
-local traffic will work and will perform it's task without freezing mid air
-strips for the local traffic will be removed once the plane lands
-we added more variants for the wind
-fixed the wind direction at KLAX
-if you have a mid -air you will be penalized only once
-at certain condition pilots were able to crash each other during taxi. Should be OK now
-in multiplayer if you used the mouse to click on the Command Panel, the commands disappeared on the host computer once the client issued a command. Fixed


Please let's keep this post clean, this is an announcement topic, not a wishlist. Any inappropriate comments will be removed without notice.


Thank you



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4 hours ago, Fredbird7428 said:

If I no longer have the original download link or email from when I purchased Tower!3D Pro, is there anyway to still download the SP?

if you did purchase from feelThere, you need to contact BMTmicro with purchase information (date, creditcard, email address) -

call 800-414-4268 (USA/Canada) / +1 910-792-9100 (international customers).

once you collect your installer burn it to a disk and write the key-code on the disk (top, not the 'read side').

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Yes.  FeelThere does not generally issue SPs as separate downloads.  Each time one is released, one must redownload the game from the original link provided at the time of purchase and either install it on top of the already installed version (usually works fine), or do a full uninstall reinstall (as recommended by Feel There.



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Great program and good to play!

Just some feedback/question what i discovered with the install. 

  • As I know that the program requires 64 bit it doesn't check this on forehand, only with starting the program. 
  • Install within windows 7 or windows 10, the installer doesn't create start item, only a "remove program" option. For Starting program you have to go to the install folder
  • As it requires a 64 bit OS, why is the install of the software of FeelThere being placed in the 32 bit install folder of windows (Program Files (x86))?


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Bought the game, some add on's etc.  Some time I would like to move on to a new airport and such, but not having the game work as it should, I cant justify it now.

Searched Feel there webpage for some time and still cant find sp2. could you send me the link.


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A couple of points: 1) SP2 was released in May of last year, and has been superseded,  the current version is SP31d; 2) you will not find any links to SPs on this forum, you need to re-download with the links sent to you when you purchased T3D and each add-on. 

So, depending on when you downloaded the main installation program, you may already have the latest version.

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Ok here is something very interesting.  As I understand it to install the Service Packs you just download the original file again which i did.  Now every time anyone speaks or i press the transmit button i hear "Blah Blah Blah blah blah blah blah"  Also it's not creating desktop icons or any program menu icons.   Any ideas?

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copied from the FeelThere newsletter:


ATCSuite.com and FeelThere.com customers can receive this new SP by re-downloading the updated product from the same link they got during purchase. Steam customers can update it through Steam and 3rd party customers should contact their resellers for the update.

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