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Dear Folks,

The SP3 for T!3D is released and is available at the same download link you received during purchase if you purchased directly from feelThere.com or atcsuite.com and will be available from 3rd party vendors soon.

Here are the list of fixes:
-the most important thing is we found a way to further optimize and you should see some considerably better performance (fps)
-pink menu for DX9. It should be fixed
-GA traffic now will arrive
-local traffic will work and will perform it's task without freezing mid air
-strips for the local traffic will be removed once the plane lands
-if you have a mid -air you will be penalized only once
-at certain condition pilots were able to crash each other during taxi. Should be OK now
-compatibility with the add-on airports

Please let's keep this post clean, this is an announcement topic, not a wishlist. Any inappropriate comments will be removed without notice.

Thank you


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One minor item that nobody else would probably notice, sorry for having a penchant for details, but the version in the lower left corner of the opening screen is listed as:
v1.1.136.235ns SP2
Whereas the previous version SP2A is listed as:
v1.0.260.74 SP2A

Also it is not specifically stated although it is implied " -compatibility with the add-on airports"
if you have Real Traffic, you need to install RT_Tower3D_PRO_sp2.exe NOT RT_Tower3D_sp7.exe.  
Real Color is the same so no problem here.

For the airports I installed:

In other words, you have to install/re-install the Pro versions even though this is the Non-Pro version until a single download file is created.

One other item is that with the same as Pro, you must now run tower3d.exe as "Administrator" in order for the speech to work.



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