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VC Instrument Flicker & Text Color

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I have an FSX message window showing offsets 024C and 0290 for in-flight VAS monitoring and experimentation.  At the moment I'm flying the Aerosoft A321 and noticed a flicker in all of the "glass" Virtual Cockpit panels - PFD, ND, ECAMS and MDCUs.  However, if I either disable the message window logging or undock the window, the flickering stops.  It's not an obnoxious flicker, but it's noticeable just the same.  It's sort of reminiscent of the refresh rate induced flicker you get when you record a computer monitor with a video camera.

Granted that's a fairly easy workaround for a minor nuisance, but it does raise another issue regarding readability.  Is there any way to change the text color in the message window?  All of the other messages (GSX, SimStarter, etc.) show white, as I have that option checked in the dialog; however, the FSUIPC text remains red and while I can read it, it's not exactly the most comfortable thing to look at!

Anyway, thanks for the great utility!


Edit:  This is with the 08 Feb 17 release 4.962.

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always use latest FSUIPC4 version because any older than the current version is not supported, internal code has been changed of course.

Latest version is FSUIPC 4.966n.zip

It will not change the behaviour of the flickering because that is related to the way FSX/P3D handles the display and FSUIPC logging does interfere with it. I would use instead of FSUIPC logging option on screen the Lua display facilities, you will find useful stuff for it in Example LUA plugins.zip, i.e display vals.lua displays Offset values. Just change that a bit to your needs.


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