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Taxi Instructions with Hold Short (Tower 2011)


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I am playing LGA Tower 2011 which is a lot of fun as it gets quite busy!  However, when instructing aircraft to taxi to runway 13 I need them to hold short of 22 (as that is the landing runway).  With that onfiguration I need to issue the taxi instructions first.  After aircraft receive that a seperate instruction to hold short of runway 22.


I have tried language to combine the instructions into one but cannot.  Is there anyway to either get them to automatically hold short of runways or to issue one instruction with taxi and hold to info?




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15 hours ago, FeelThere said:

This is not possible for Tower!2011. 

Is it possible in Tower 3D?  I have that as well but don't play it often due to performance issues.  But I saw sp2 addresses that so maybe it will be playable on my end now

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In Pro, the aircraft will automatically hold short of the runway. However, LGA is not out ... YET.

In any of the Tower versions you cannot combine commands, so for 2011 you have to issue a taxi command followed by a hold command.

Or as Henrik mentioned, you can use the airport editor (AIrfieldEd.exe) and modify some of the taxiways. Looks like the gate trg for the knot properties of taxiway P short of runway 22 is 4, 22. Possibly updating the gate trg for this and any other appropriate knots to 4, 13, 22 will do the trick for you. For more details on how to edit airports I'd suggest checking out the manual and look for posts on the forum where this has been discussed (more than likely well over a year ago) . Oh, and the #1 rule is to make a backup of the airport before you edit. I can vouch for this rule. :)  


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