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Tower!3D and Pro KATL Tower View


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Yes actually.  I was already planning to bring that up, but you beat me to it :-)    KATL has the tallest tower in the US and the second tallest in the world.  Thus it should be a little taller than KJFK.  Granted, KJFK in Tower3D is a bit taller than it should be currently (even if it works well that way).  It is hard to do an effective comparison with images because of zoom factors, but the different angles should still give an idea for what it is worth. Here is a view of Terminal F from the real KATLTower:


Below is a similar view of Terminal F in the FeelThere version, which looks a good bit lower to me:


2017-05-26 00_30_10-Greenshot.png

And below is one more comparison.  Notice that in the second photo (the real one) the image of the tower is taken from a higher pov than the one in the sim, and yet even so it still appears taller.



2017-05-28 23_22_27-Tower! 3D Pro.png


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By the way, I just wanted to point out how well the FeelThere version stacks up against the real thing overall.  They did a remarkable job.  Raising the tower height a bit should be an easy fix.  Did anyone notice the way that Terminal F was actually designed to look like a bird or plane when viewed from above? 



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