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Tower3d Pro Sound and Traffic Level Sliders Remain Stuck


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I'm looking for help/suggestions regarding the issue I've had since I purchased Tower3D Pro and Service Pack 3 from Simmarket.      When I tried to reduce the traffic level from 100% to a bit less, to get oriented to the program, the slider immediately migrated to the left, to 50%.    Every time that I try to increase it is immediately moves back to 50%.    I'm having the same issue with the environment and sound effects volume sliders.  

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program, tried installing it to different paths, tried running it in and out of Administrator mode, and nothing works.     I disconnected my joystick, checked my system sound settings, and I can't find anything that would explain the cause of the issue.

Is there anyone else who has had the same problem? 


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14 hours ago, tatfsn said:

No one else has had this issue at all? :-(

I follow the forum pretty closely and I've never seen anyone with this issue. So, as Sky King mentioned, it would probably be best to share your system info, install programs, etc. Unfortunately, you won't be able to get a refund from simMarket. If/when you get 3D Pro working and you want to get some add-ons, I'd recommend using the FeelThere site (cheaper and occasional sales).


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I have not had this happen, but it more than likely will be your mouse and/or mouse driver related.

I would guess that you are on the white dot of the slider the pressing and holding the left mouse button to move the slider.
Try to press on the white slider button with you mouse, then use the left and right arrow keys to try and move the slider.  It should move in increments of five.
If the arrow keys work, I would be suspect of the mouse/drivers/configuration and not Tower!3D.


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I really appreciate the feedback.  RickyJ, you're definitely on to something.   I tried your suggestion.   Using

the arrow keys, I'm able to move the slider in the increments of five that you noted.   It even stays at the

level that adjust it to for a second before it moves back to the minimum again.    

Ironically, my computer is brand new:

Dell XPS 8910, WIndows 10 (64bit), 16 GB RAM, i7-6700 Processor with 8M cache.   

I have Prepar3d installed on it, along with a 3d graphics program that I use pretty extensively.   The rig

really delivers in regards to those programs, and I couldn't be happier with it in that regard.    Given that,

I figured that it had nothing to do with the capabilities of my computer; the mouse/drivers configuration

theory makes total sense.

In the meantime, I've found a workaround to the issue pending my eventually stumbling onto a solution;

thanks to Dick Parker's brilliant Schedule Creator.   :-)   I've used it to double the normal roster of flights

going in and out of the airports I want.    I note that it is capable of generating nearly 3000 flight per airport.

After some testing I noted that the end result is that the airports I like to work traffic at have the potential

to become far busier than I can handle, even with the 50% setting anyway.  :-)   For now, I can live without

the environment and sound effect noise. 


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Great to hear you found a work around.  Honestly, in most modern towers, at least that large ones like KATL and KJFK, I doubt that there is much if any environmental noise to be heard.  I think they are usually pretty heavily sound proofed, and on top of that, the controllers are wearing headphones, which would isolate the sound even more.



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