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FlyLive - a tool made just for streamers

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Hello all,

I have made a tool that is designed to enhance your flight simulator stream. It is a free alternative to the ProjectFLY streaming tools. Features include:

  • Flight labels - they work just like stream labels that show things like "latest donator", "latest follower" etc. Flight labels include:
    • Altitude
    • Ground speed
    • Vertical speed
    • Heading
    • FPS
    • VAS
    • Sim Zulu time
    • Real world Zulu time
    • DEP
    • ARR
    • ETA
    • DTG
    • METAR
  • Flight Dispatcher & Progress Bar: Give FlyLive your departure and arrival ICAO. Then it will give you back lots of other information such as DTG, ETA and METAR, as well as a progress bar that you can add to your stream via. a window capture.
  • Landing Rate Widget (broken in X-Plane unfortunately) a widget that pops up on your screen when you touch down, and it shows your landing rate. You can even customize the size, font, colour, text and everything else - and you aren't limited to a few font, colour and text options we give you either. It is a fully and truly customizable widget.
  • Seamless automatic updated - hooray.

And best of all FlyLive is completely FREE!

Download from here: https://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=flylive&CatID=root&Go=Search'

Or here from the official site: http://flyliveapp.weebly.com/

You need the .NET framework 4.5+ otherwise FlyLive will not work. Most Windows version ship with it though so you should be good.

You need FSUIPC (or XPUIPC if you are using X-Plane) otherwise FlyLive will not work.

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