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Procedure to use old INI file

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19 minutes ago, vgbaron said:

What is the procedure for using the old FSUIPC4.INI file? Just copy it to the v5 folder or copy and edit the FSUIPC Version manually?

Just copy it over and rename it FSUIPC5.INI. No version numbers to edit -- those are written by FSUIPC each time in any case, for information.

Also copy any Macro files and Lua modules you use -- but remember, mouse macros aren't supported (yet). Hopefully they will one day -- dependent upon L-M.



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4 minutes ago, FireRx said:

I was looking in the control menu and I didn't see anyplace where we can uncheck the P3D controls and use fsuipc5 exclusively

You mean in P3D4? In the Settings - Controls section? I don't remember off hand, but it is there somewhere, because I disabled it myslef last week. Keep looking. L-M have moved things around a little. If you get stuck, ask in the P3D Frukm over in AVSIM or on the L-M forums.  I'm taking s little break. I'm going a bit dizzy here.



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