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Departure Flap Settings

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Hi Simon

Another quick question. I've just bought FSPXAI 777 from simmarket. 

STB keeps setting flaps for this model even though I've put 0 in the objects for the 777. 


How do I disable the flap setting feature completely please?

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First of all, double check STB is responsible for the flaps setting.  I think there are now certain AI models that operate the flaps themselves, so just run a session without STB and see if the models concerned are still deploying flaps.

Next, can you show me the setting you've made for the 777?  "0" should disable the flaps deployment from STB, so I wonder if there's a mismatch somewhere between the model name in the simulator and that in STB.

For individual aircraft, the above should take care of it.  I don't have a setting to globally turn it off, but there is a "default setting" for aircraft not listed in STB.  This can be set to zero also.


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