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Error in SAN add-on for TRACON!2012


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I could not figure out why TRACON!2012 would not generate any aircraft for Ramona Airport (KRNM).  I triple checked the SAN sector file dozens of times.  

I found an error in the "SAN - Before you Begin.txt" file that is included in the add-on package.  The instructions say:

2.    Copy the four text lines below and paste at the very bottom of the airports.txt file.

  MYF Montgomery Field          CA US           32.81 N 117.13 W KMYF
  RMN Ramona Airport    CA US                   33.02 N 116.54 W KRMN
  SDM Brown Field Municipal Airport   CA US     32.34 N 116.58 W KSDM
  SEE Gillespie Field Airport   CA US           32.82 N 116.97 W KSEE

The error is airport identifier for Ramona.  It should be RNM and KRNM, not RMN and KRMN as written.  As soon as you fix that, you will immediately get Ramona traffic.  

That said, I'm not sure why Ramona was included and not Palomar (KCRQ).  In March 2013 the airport was the fourth-busiest single runway airport in the United States.  Ramona has significantly less IFR traffic.  



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