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Tower3d Real traffic issues


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ok so i bought and installed the real traffic with LAX Real color for my steam edition normal Tower3d then once I go to launch it will open the menus like normal but after that I hit start for LAX and it loads up to 70% then the screen stays at 70% with the sound of cars in the background then I go to steam do validate files and every time I try to do lax it needs to re download it I have the extensions folder in the folder as the normal Tower3d not in any of the sub folders in there can anybody help????

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I can add a bit of possible insight (and possible confusion too).  I was testing some traffic files a while back .. wanted to test each of the airlines callsigns to see if they were being properly spoken.  So I took the RT file for the airport in question and selected about a dozen departures and their corresponding arrivals.  I set their times all the same so I would get them all at once (well, you know).  When I tried to load the airport, it decided to hang at 57% and refused to go further (as you said, sound of cars, etc).  I honestly have no idea what went wrong but this could indicate that the issue is with the schedule.txt file .. something is amiss there .. or perhaps it's not loading it at all (maybe in the wrong location?).


Just a thought that might help track it down.


~ John

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I am having exactly the same issue. Tower 3d (not pro) purchased from steam store. Real traffic purchased from atcsuite.

i have added the extensions file to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Tower 3D

loads up to 70% then nothing

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2 hours ago, Henrik Norgaard said:

May I suggest you go to  "Tower 3D\Extensions\Airfields\KLAX" folder and edit the klax_terminal file in there, I guess you have a line with  


This terminal dosnt exist so remove it 

Terminal_GA does exist. For those desiring cargo traffic, we use it for FDX & UPS since the major cargo area  at LAX was excluded by FeelThere. .

See the following post for clarification: http://forum.simflight.com/topic/83148-tower3dpro-lax-cargo/#comment-501579


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